Something like a rant

I’m finding myself too anxious to settle down and work today.  Probably its because I watched CNN for too long and seeing the unrest in Iceland was just…saturation point.  I am sure some will be offended by this opinion, but: The evil greed, the rampant dishonesty, the really utter  collapse of our financial systems, must be laid in large part to the United States “government” of the last eight years.  Systematically dismantling due process, habeas corpus, rule of law– the Justice Department firings and Gonzalez’ activities investigations were just a speck on the tip of the iceberg. The question of why no one rose up to oppose all this is a serious one.   The unbridled self interest and greed is still apparently active– who knew there even were wastebaskets that cost $1400?  This of course is not a new opinion.  I find myself so disoriented by how any of this nastiness can really be possible that I guess I’m working it out in my usual non-linear way.  Anyway, here we all are at the end of  one pretty awful chunk of time,  in dire straights.  We can’t eat wastebaskets, as it turns out.

Still, the other thing I think about is this.  The feelings that were flowing during the inauguration were, I think, the lifting, really world wide, of people’s spirits and awareness.   Hope and some recognized commonality.  Whether or not one agrees with President Obama, voted for him, or any of that, is  beside the point.  The real point is that many, many people were lifted out of inertia into a place where there was visible light and that happened to many individuals together.  That feeling is what we must all strive to remember in what are going to be some tight places, coming to a spot near us all soon.  We really are all one and the sooner that idea comes to the forefront, the better off we will all be.


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