What’s In A Name?

In googling this blog, I found that what I had feared was true: The name boozilla implies a slavering psycho with a hangover.  Oh, dear.  That is neither Boozilla, nor me.  I never slaver.  It’s just that Boo (actual name) is about six inches tall at most.  She strides out of her cage in the mornings with head fluffed and held high, stops, holds one foot aloft as if in dispensation, then usually screeches. Boo(god-)zilla.  

In other news.  Can we stop talking about steroids in baseball, people?  One more report where the announcer is saying, so and so ew took steroids!!! in…and then it is revealed to have taken place several years ago already.  When you consider that anyone can go into a health food store and get something that has these compounds in it, for one, and for two? Baseball has a long season filled with intense pressure to perform. Or you’re outta there.   The Boys of Summer have to stay in shape.  Many of the compounds discussed are not really dangerous, and some are actually quite beneficial taken appropriately.  In addition, taking steroids does not particularly a good ballplayer make.  Stronger, maybe.  Bigger.  But not better.  The talent is either there or it isn’t, to my way of thinking.   I would like this blather to stop, really.  Test for controlled substances, dangerous steroids, sure.  But start now and get on with it.  Quietly.

We had another driveway incident today, but I found that being in the good graces of the Meter Patrol has its plusses.  They didn’t act like I was crazy for not wanting my driveway blocked, which was nice.  The guy didn’t get a ticket, not nice, but he did have to move.  I wonder, though: Without getting a ticket, what is to prevent him from doing it again? Just a thought.  Something I do find disturbing, however, is this.  Several of my neighbors, and also the police, have said that you really shouldn’t say anything to the people who, pretty much daily, vandalize our cars and yards, and use foul language at top volume at 2 am on the street.  Because? They know where you live and might do something.  Now what is THAT?   Someone who is basically violating the social contract, disturbing the peace, and being nasty and negative can get away with it because if THEY get upset they might do more.  Pretty soon the entire scene is dragged down because people are afraid to confront anyone with their bad behavior.  This is not good.  So if you’re out there guys? I’m not afraid to (politely) tell you to stop littering, and yelling, and hurting the trees and all the rest of the stuff that gets done.   This not telling people to knock off their – – – – is very much what has gotten us into the current social pickle.  We are all here together and have to accept it.  We share the sidewalks and streets and air and everything else.  Not acknowledging one’s own fear and painful feelings is not an excuse for mistreating others.  This goes both ways, of course.  I have to be somewhat reasonable when faced with an interaction with someone who’s, say, trying to set the oak tree in the front yard on fire.  Even when they look at me in total non-comprehension.  Our society can only be rebuilt if everyone gets the education they need about what it means to be a person on this earth.


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