OK.  I think I may Officially Have Had It Today.   I’m too tired even to step on the screaming doormat (from Halloween originally, but, in my house? a permanent fixture).  

I have, let’s see….internet poisoning? computer cramps? topical website dermatitis?  I had no idea, when I started my business, that things were going to be like this so often.  Crashes and Burns about which, seemingly, Nothing Can Be Done.  I did a routine check on my website today…well, back up.  I “do” it myself because I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it.  Right there is a HUUUUUUUUGE issue.  So, I do the check, and lo and behold, THE SHOPPING PAGE can’t be connected to.  Bad link.  To shopping page.  Bravely, I called the web host.  Now, if any of you gentle readers are web hosts?  A note to you.   Don’t ever, not ever, never never say to someone: You’re the only one having this problem.  I knew it wasn’t going to go well when they almost refused to talk to me because the answer to my secret question is the name of an individual (famous) of whom the service rep was blitheringly unaware.  Then, the ever delightful, well, it’s working on OUR end.  Having wised up after 18 months on my own, I said I doubted that very much indeed. Another check on their end produced the information that, gosh, well, it ISN”T working on our end.  What’s another 20 minutes on hold listening to that blasted music, anyway?  To be told, we don’t know what’s wrong.  And really,  I loved this part.  Not only don’t we know what’s making this happen, it’s just a random quirk on YOUR PARTICULAR SYSTEM ONLY.  Righty-o.  Once again, that bullseye that got pasted on me at birth has done its job.  Out of the myriad websites these people host, only mine has this peculiar glitch.  That severs my shopping page from any reality, cyber or otherwise.  Not to worry, though.  We’ll get back to you in 48 hours, they said.  Gosh, thanks.  Boy do I feel better!!

So, having completed my work there, I went on.   Not having the sense God gave geese I thought, well let’s see if we can get something accomplished today! Yee haw!  I had been putting off purchasing some supplies online and decided to do it today.  However.  I had forgotten my password, couldn’t create a new record because they already had my email, and waited all afternoon for the supposedly re-emailed password so I could complete my transaction today.   But, no.  So, tomorrow we get to suit up and do it all over again.   Then, not having had quite enough fun, I decided to look and see if an article I recently submitted to..hah!…another website had been accepted.  No.  The great thing about this is, when you hit “save” on this site, the whole thing disappears.  Apparently it is submitted then.  I, foolishly, was thinking I’d have time to copy it to my disk, but, sorry.  Gonzo.  Since I don’t remember what I called it I can’t even track it.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m heading for the wine.  Cheery bye.


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