Open Letter to the Oakland Athletics

Dear Oakland A’s:

You know I love you and am a loyal fan.  Even though you don’t answer any of my letters.  However, I’m going to try one more time!

1) I think the fans would appreciate it if you’d actually…Build A Team this year?And let them play?  Instead of treating the players like credit derivatives? (isn’t that great? credit derivatives? what the heck is THAT?)  Last year we couldn’t keep the roster straight even with a score card and I can’t help but think that all that shuffling around was somewhat destabilizing for morale.  Certainly it was for mine.   It’s great that the farm teams and multi-A teams are full of so much talent.  But I myself would like it if  that talent went to the A’s instead of everywhere else.  Sometimes I feel like the A’s are a shopping mall for everyone in the league to get what they need.  Just saying.  Can we play this year, please?

2) Stop it with the moving out of Oakland.  Just stop it.  I can’t believe you need to be reminded of What Happened to the Oakland Raiders When They Left Oakland.  They landed, just so it’s clear, in the dark hole of No Win, Ever.  Coming back didn’t help either, after that Original Betrayal.  Now that we’ve wrested the A’s out of the jaws of Fremont, stop noodling around with San Jose.  The team is THE OAKLAND ATHLETICS. OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA. Please leave them there.    And although I love spas? I don’t need one at the baseball stadium.  Just the baseball will be fine.

Thank you. Love,



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