Time Has Come Today

I am perhaps over-producing here, but there IS a reason.  I have to do my taxes next week.  This means I may be on the floor for a while in a puddle of cry liquid, unable to type for fear of electrocution.  And where would you, (?) Gentle Reader, be, without this riveting meander through cyberspace? Exactly.  Besides, I love the Chambers Brothers and this was a good excuse to hum the song to myself.

I got a catalog in last week’s mail for an upcoming conference, featuring “New Age” speakers and products.    One part of me went, great! It’s good to get alternative thinking out there.  The other part, after reading the catalog, went, OMG.  This is not good at all.   Being as how I am a practitioner of Energy Medicine, I do feel that anything that expands public awareness about healing, thinking about healing, philosophy, consciousness, cooperation, is good.  People need to be reunited, or become acquainted with, what might be called perennial wisdom.   The heart behind healing needs to be seen more clearly.

When I read things, however that start out with vagueness and end with titanic nebulosity (“Is this you? do you want to find the secrets of the ages?”), or that promise results without some explanation up front (a water swizzle stick that is supposed to “fix”  water so that you are completely hydrated by it- water IS profoundly influenced by surrounding energies but I’d like some explanation, sorry), it worries me.  There’s a big piece of me that feels irritated by all of it.  There’s also a HUGE piece of me that is infuriated by things like the Codex, and the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA making pronouncements about plant medicine and herbs that really are not correct, but pander to  money making interests instead of healing interests. So there/here I am, between a rock and a hard spot.  I look at catalogs like the one referred to above, and think: Jeez, this is why everybody acts like energy medicine is a big bunch of airy fairy malarkey.  I look at the progress of the Codex and Insurance Companies and think: Jeez.  These guys are going to make it impossible for me to practice, and for anyone to help themselves.  Meanwhile, what’s a little ol’ practitioner to do?

I was doing research on prostate cancer for a friend, reading compendiums of studies and protocols, and one quote in a medical research journal surprised me: “Look for the artist.” Meaning, when you are consulting an oncologist or other physician, look for someone who isn’t working just by rote.  Look for someone with a soul.  Another book, by Rafael Campos, THE HEALING ART, addresses the same issue a bit differently.  He is an MD and a poet and has found that poetry is an immense force for healing with his patients.  Again: Look for the artist.

For…ever, really, healing has been a work that is done with the soul and the heart.  It is about journeying into whatever Meaning exists in a situation, and working toward the harmony of that Meaning for the individual who must, through illness, come to understand it.  This is one aspect of diagnosis that can be profoundly tricky.  The real Meaning, real Issue, may be something quite different than one might think just by looking at symptoms.  Nothing can be overlooked or disregarded.  This is where energy medicine is incredibly powerful. An example from my own practice:  An elderly gentleman with inoperable cancer.  I was doing Jin Shin Jyutsu on him, which is energetic bodywork, a hands on Art.  My teachers always stressed that one must, doing this, be the Artist.  It also involves reading pulses, which is astonishing and also? The work of a lifetime.  In any case, this gentleman was not doing well.  I knew from taking his pulses and putting my hands on him that he had an infection, probably in the intestinal tract.  His doctors refused to even entertain this possibility.  Ultimate outcome? It was found that he had an intestinal infection.  This is just to say that even though I am not a physician, not a nurse, not an MPH: I am, in fact, able to do healing work.  I can “feel” what goes on in someone.   I work with, yes, the force of the heart and the soul.  I work with the energies of the body.  I also insist on proper medical followup and treatment when it is proper: Allopathic and Alternative medicines must work together.    But just as I am not stuck in a clinical trial mindset, I also have not changed my name to that of a goddess or a tree, nor do I use the word shamanic in any of my remedies .   Although all of those elements, clinical trials, shamans, trees and goddesses are in my world.   

Many days I feel as though I am completely and always at the beginning of this work.  There is so much to learn, so much to observe.  I really don’t know much, it seems.  Nonetheless, I do not want to be discarded automatically on the one hand because I don’t present my work with catchphrases and come ons and jargon and not being “new age” enough.  Nor do I want to be discarded on the other because so much of my work is about interacting with a vital world energy, about  love , and not whether I can replicate this exact result 100 times, or even explain exactly what happened every time.    It’s quite the endeavor.

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