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I’m  baaaack.  I did spend the week pretty much in a puddle of cry liquid, which was certainly in part generated by sorting my receipts in preparation for doing taxes.  It turned out to be more demoralizing than I thought to look at the five inch high pile of expenses and the three quarter inch high pile of income receipts.  In between looking for work, trying to launch my business since there doesn’t appear to be any work, and just trying not to go completely crispy critters…well, it makes a person a bit weepy.  Plus being human-in-waiting to Boozilla of course.

However.  I did think, this morning, of what REALLY needs to happen on the next octo-box thingy they have on the morning financial reporting on TV.  This morning the idea was being bandied about that all this kafuffle about “compensation” for hedge fund managers and those toiling along side them in related occupations…was really irrelevant.  Why, they asked, in essence, was compensation an issue?   These Poor Guys Are Just Doing Their Incredibly Necessary Jobs.

This past weekend a truly horrible thing happened in Oakland.  Five people died violent and needless deaths; four police officers and one young man who’d already spent a sizeable portion of his life incarcerated.  There’s no shortage of places to point the finger, either.  The failed educational and family systems and the failed society and community that produces hosts of young people for whom there really is nothing out there except prison or the army.  The deadly indifference and selfishness that allows the stagnation to continue, on both ends of the spectrum.  The acceptance of stupidity and lack of compassion that lets it all keep going round.   “Those people” after all: It is always “them”, it seems.  Not “us”.  The corruption of service in society: Partly, this tragedy was fueled by the insanity of January’s FILMED shooting of a young man by a BART policeman in Oakland, and the rage in the community at seeing that it took weeks for anything to even begin to happen to the man who pulled the trigger.  On film.   Shooting someone in the back.  Somehow I suspect that if *I* shot someone on a public transit platform full of people with cell phones taking video of me, I wouldn’t have been walking around free for very long.  Just guessing, again.

So, I was thinking this morning.  The dialogue in the octobox? Needs to be between the people who think their compensation shouldn’t be questioned, and those who jeered the police in Oakland as they searched for the man who shot, and killed, two of their colleagues, later to add two more deaths, as he himself was killed.  We can throw in the fact that he had an automatic rifle, just to see whether those who think THAT is irrelevant have their interest piqued.  I think these two groups really need to meet each other.   The Hedge Fund Managers probably think that the young man with the automatic weapon had it coming, it was his fault, he could have done something else and besides, it doesn’t have anything to do with them.  The angry community in Oakland might just think the Hedge Fund Managers ought to come on around and see how important, exactly, the imbalances fostered by their greed are.  While they have no power in that arena, it does have something to do with them.  

Both groups seem to me to have a certain tunnel vision based on their situations. Seeing how the other side lives might be a good beginning for an end to that.   Not a startlingly new idea, but hey.  I’m still in the puddle of cry liquid.  I haven’t done the MATH yet.

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