Einstein In Daily Practice

I succeeded in converting a Picture Clipping on Mac OS X to a jpg file just now.  This may not seem like much to you, Gentle Reader, but it was the end of quite some time spent in armed struggle for me.  It coincides with a general trend in my thinking of late, which really can be summed up in Einstein’s dictums: A problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created; and: If you do something the same way as before expecting a different result, that is crazy.  More or less.

What does this mean? One, you have to figure out what your question is.  Two, who do you ask about it?  Three, per Sherlock Holmes, whatever is left after removing the things that prove to be erroneous must be the right thing.  Computers are a really good test of all this in a way, because they are totally linear and patriarchal.  Lots of rules.  Lots of ridigity.  In short, My Way Or The Highway.  The key is asking the right question, as always.  In this case, after horsing around with the software I have and asking the wrong question several times, it dawned on me to consult a wider source.  This provided an answer.  I had to go back to square one, review my resources and find some I didn’t know I had, and at last, success.  At least I think so.  I haven’t proceeded to the ultimate banzuke  final implementation of this, which is insertion of said image into my end- of- monthly newsletter.  That’s always fun anyway what with my premier efforts at resizing and things going all out of shape.  Forget thinking of something to actually say.

Anyway.  I have been reviewing my past opinions and feelings and whatnots about my life and the people in it and finally, finally…..finally? I hope, I have made peace with most of the things that disappointed me.  I have forgiven those who trespassed against me  (even though I am keeping my (metaphorical of course) rifle , weapons grade zingers, and grenades.  Just prudent).  It feels better to have all that stuff where it belongs instead of dangling in front of my nose like a rotten carrot, leading me to continually circle the original event, thinking if I just understood it I might….what? Change it? Change myself? Change the dramatis personae?  Some stuff I just don’t have the software, on any drive anywhere, to do.   It really is easier to approach things with one’s mind open.  No judgments, no set idea about What is What.  No concepts of being owed redress.   No (as in the case of the computer) preconceived notions of inevitable failure.  No visions of wreaking vengeance for perceived wrongs.  It is amazing how challenging it is to really be IN the now.  Not in your childhood or last week or some imagined future or at your next appointment or in some dictated mind set.  Just NOW. And just now turns out to be just fine.  Who knew?

So, although the road before me is getting rockier by the moment, it is also getting more spacious, and I think that’s a good thing.  Plus I learned how to convert images to jpg.


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