Not Quite, Bullwinkle

I love Rocky and Bullwinkle.  In one episode, Bullwinkle is safe after dangling from some precarious thing, his eyes are twirling around in his head, and he says, Boy, I’m Sure Glad THAT’S Over.  The narrator’s voice comes in: Not Quite, Bullwinkle.

This, of course, is the story of my life.  Lately I’m finding I can remain calm in the face of bone crushing ambiguity and trackless uncertainty, which is pretty amazing.  My eyes are rolling around like marbles in my head but now I know eventually they’ll come to rest.  One way or another.  Someone recently advised me to just say to myself, What’s the Worst that can happen?  After I finished laughing hysterically I told her how totally wrong that advice was for someone like me, to whom, really, the Worst often happens.  Also, though just as often, the Best.  So in these days where one’s physical survival is in question, the funding for daily life always in question, I now have reached a place where I figure…I’ll be shown the way.  Also? Before I forget, the cupcakes were a success.   Sour cream batters are The Way!

I’ve been thinking about how people manage to survive and live in hostile environments (physical, mental, social, emotional….), how things change and ultimately improve, however glacial the pace may be.  Reading Dr. Martin Luther King, it is possible in the midst of one’s nourishment there to also be deeply dismayed at how things still are in terms of people’s attitudes about race and color.  At the same time: We have a Black Man as President of the United States.  That has to mean something, and something positive.  Sometimes, however, the positive resides almost solely  in  still Being Here.  The American Experience series on PBS TV right now, about Native peoples in the U.S. is an example of that.  It is so painful for me to watch I can barely stand it.  At the same time there is a well to drink from there.  I think it is important, crucial, absolutely necessary for non-Native people to see this series because it shows something transcendent.  You cannot destroy Spirit.  The negative, we may say evil, aspect of human beings runs rampant but it does not ever totally prevail, however stringent the circumstances in which Spirit may be forced to live.  

I had another thought here but, la la, it’s gone.  So, on to this one.  We watched The View this morning while feeding the birds.  One thing was, while the twosome were munching away at their bowls, sitting on my hands, at one moment they lifted up their heads, screeched, and started a beak wrestle that wasn’t altogether friendly.  I realized they were too close together.  Territory.  Still, they have the exact same thing, and each one has the special things they prefer.  No reason to quibble.  But we’re all like that to some extent. Second.  Donald Trump was on The View.  In some way, one really needs say no more.  But.  Apparently he has a new book out, about how to “succeed” in this economic period.  Do what you love, he said.  Never give up.  Both of those things sounded just fine.  Until he proceeded to elaborate, giving examples of things like THE OIL BUSINESS as a good business to get into.  As something to “love” and thus make money.  Oh, YEAH.  I love oil.  I love the fact that even with a 64% “loss of profit” I’m still making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  I especially love those rivers on fire in Africa from the drilling, and the prospect of defacing the coast of California makes me rub my hands with glee.   And pollution? Yee haw.   It sounded to me as though the paradigm really was: Find the way to cheat people, and, essentially steal from them, that fits you the best, and have at it.  I believe this is called free market, isn’t it?

To me, this isn’t “love” and it isn’t progress.  It isn’t even survival, once you take the paper bag off your head and start to think responsibly.  It’s the same paradigm that brought us the struggles that Dr. King wrote of, that brought us the decimation of Native peoples all over the world, that’s bringing us to the actual brink of destroying the earth.  Those who have survived through all of the past times and exercises of the “love” successful practitioners of this mindset have brought us…Those are the People.  And they are the ones whose thoughts I would be interested in hearing.


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