Finding My Lost Head

So far today, and I probably shouldn’t say this, I seem to be the only person in my immediate environs whose hair is not on fire.  Bit suspicious that, really.  The old thing of, if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs? the original sexist finish to that: You’ll be a man, my son….or the more current one: You probably just don’t know what’s going on…..I’m not a man, and I have some grip, however tenuous, on what’s going on, even though it definitely is not pretty.  So really, what does it mean to keep one’s head?  

First it means you gotta find it, I think.  The pressure is on all of us all over the world now and we’re rapidly reaching Poached Frog state.  (Digression, about frogs.  I LIKE frogs.  The famed Zodiac killer may have been finally exposed, by his stepdaughter.  His biological daughter took great umbrage at this, and said he was a totally nice and charming man and the only thing he ever did was shoot a frog.  I ask you? Why would you shoot a frog? That wasn’t a ringing endorsement of innocence, to my mind.  But anyway.)  Finding one’s head is quite the endeavor as it turns out.  Just because it’s attached to your body doesn’t mean it’s really THERE.  Making yourself a fully headed human being takes some time and attention and is fraught with tests of mettle.  Ultimately though, I think, one of the first things you notice when your head is beginning to attach itself to you is that the entire spectrum of what happens in a day isn’t necessarily demanding of a reaction.  Or an overreaction, perhaps is a better word.  Things go wrong, oh yes they do! They break, stop in their tracks, turn around and smack you in the face.  You just, once head is present, don’t have to let that particular event push you onto the Crazy Train every time.  It doesn’t need to mean the entirety of your endeavors and hopes have crashed into a reverberating and crummy mess.  Even if they have, crashed that is, you’re still here and and some actual movement has to be made.  You step out of the mess: In my case usually into another one but there it is.  I’m learning that if I’m busy running circles around myself and putting all my energy into not breaking all the glassware in a ten mile radius, I can’t make any choice at all about where to step.  I think lots of times the next step is pretty obvious when it shows up, but there can be an awful lot of waiting involved.  Waiting in this case also means Quiet Reflection.  Quiet Reflection can mean, in today’s world, that you are running against the direction everything else is going in, but it is still a necessary step for the integration of head and body.  And, Gentle Reader, we NEED our heads.  If for no other reason than to get out of them.

Now, I’m off to Get In My Car and Drive! Where, no doubt, I will be given my comeuppance in short order.  Meanwhile, I still have strawberry cream cheese frosting left.  I’m thinking chocolate.


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