The Lady’s Not For Burning

1) Cheney Redux. I should’ve stayed in the woods. There is a song by Godsmack that sums up how I feel about him: “go away”. Why is he talking now? When he kept silence at a time when speaking might have been productive? (That, there, is a rhetorical question by the way.) Personally, I think Leon Panetta is right about Cheney’s motives. Honestly, though. Why is this man getting all this attention? What part of his agenda don’t we get by now?
2) *sigh* We live in a world where we all, creatures great and small, have to eat each other to live. That should provide a bit of a humbling context for things. Plus a dollop of respect for our fellow creatures who, in Buddhist thought, have all been Someone to us at one point or another, and who, at one point or another, will or have eaten us, or we them.
3) Basic experiential observation, as well as science, shows us that things can only expand so far before they collapse. COLLAPSE. Be it a souffle or a banking system or hamburgers or weather systems or bridges or cities or relationships or whatever it might be. Why we continue to ignore this basic truth is puzzling to me. I go into the grocery store and am stunned at the way people go through it without giving a thought to what it takes to get all that stuff there. And get all that stuff everywhere all over the world. Except to places where people are lucky to get a cupful of grain to cook, or have to scavenge for their food from the detritus of the upper classes. That’s a whole other part of it. But: Expanding population, more food needed? Where can it all come from? Especially if everyone insists on eating fast food, eating hamburgers, eating prepared food and eating things because they feel like it and not because they are available at the time, in the place…..The same thing goes for money. The current system has been expanding and expanding and expanding…..and here we are, at the boom. All that imaginary money is floating around after the real explosion. It’s puzzling to me that anyone could think we may go back to how things “were”.
4) Gas prices. Gentle reader, here in Cali gas is over $3 a gallon. Now. If we have such limited supplies of gasoline that it must be that expensive, things need to change immediately. They should anyway, but….If the supplies are not that limited, then why is the price going up? Bottom line, as usual, is…ta da…our old friends, greed and over expansion. Those at the top must have their allotted amount of profit as determined by them. Nothing is tied to anything real anymore. Every value is determined by the person who stands to make a profit from whatever the commodity is. Intrinsic value seems hardly to exist. Heck, take women’s handbags! (Please!) There are actually purses that cost in the five figures. High five figures. Purses. What is that? Who would possibly do such a thing on any end of that continuum?
4) Laws. I think I am at the end of my tolerance for non-enforcement of laws. Why make them? If we enforced the laws as written things might move quite a bit more smoothly. Enforce, for example, the vehicle code. That alone would be a huge big deal. If the immigration laws were properly enforced, instead of being bent to serve the needs of corporate interests for cheap labor, we’d all be a lot better off, undocumented workers and documented alike. Of course enforcement of law is kind of like setting the value on a handbag. Selective, subjective….Justice is what keeps a society functional overall. It is not something to be used for the benefit of a few individuals who believe they can call the shots. So many people, so much stuff going on….we have to start where we are with what is in front of us and start to sort and discard.
5) United we stand, etc. If we ALL got together and said, so sorry but I am not buying your gas, I am not using your credit card, I am not participating in this craziness…even for one week….it would send a message that ultimately might get through to those who still run things, and still are not listening.
6) oh, well. Here we are, and away we go!


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