The Arms of Morpheus

Boy, do I miss THEM. I had a rough few days last week, and once again it took me a while to figure out why, exactly. But! It was the usual reason: No sleep. Which was, at least, better than it being because I finally went completely bananas, which was my first thought.

I have never lived any place like this before, and I must say I hope I don’t again. Ever. It isn’t just the constant fire engines and airport flight path fun and jet engine testing at 2:30 am; you can get used to that. Or the trains that run some nights from 11 pm to 4 am, blasting their horns. Something kind of romantic about that.

No. It’s the Neighbors. I haven’t discussed the Guy Behind Us because, well: He screwed up one time too many with me and finally lost the battle. So aside from occasional paint blistering belches of fish sauce and kim chee at midnight from his kitchen it hasn’t been like before. When he was “remodeling” the property. With a hammer. He put a roof on and used a manual hammer for the entire job. It took months and of course always transpired before 7 am, on weekends, on holidays (Christmas!). Recently, however, he’s been alot of fun. I was in our backyard and saw flames through the fence. Flames. Is anyone there? I said. Silence. Honey? I said. Call the fire department right now. Then Mr. Neighbor said, it’s my barbeque. Right. Under a tree, a several foot long trench of foot high flame. A Barbeque.

The other neighbors are not much better. Seven a.m. here takes place on a planet where time has no meaning. I used to transcribe witness interviews for the County Public Defender, and sometimes for extra fun the interviewers would drop their pencils right by the mic. It sounded like a steel beam being dropped from a great height. This is what every morning sounds like around here, and it seems to me to be…unnecessary. Somehow. But alot of things seem unnecessary to me, and most of them revolve around people not paying attention, and not paying attention to each other and what’s around them.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of Do No Harm. Given that something gets roughed up no matter what you do, it behooves us to be careful. And we can be careful about what we think, and say, and do. We are, as they say, Not Alone.


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