The Little Things

It was a weekend of sturm und drang. Fracas everywhere. Quite wearing, actually. BUT. As usual, redeemed by something wonderful.

The birds, Gentle Reader. They have a play tree the Partner made for them from recycled beach logs. It was quite a wonderful sculpture, really. Poppy had finally chewed off all the ladder parts, plus it was encrusted with….ahem. After some scuffle about With ALL the Other More Important Things We Have To Worry About Why Are You Bringing This Up??!!?? Partner did take tree outside for repairs.

When it returned, it was Absolutely Fabulous. New ladder area with fantastic different sized rungs, extra places to stand on, and sparkling clean. As well as being made of very stern woodstuff that won’t disappear the first day of chewing.

The girls, of course, knew something was up and demanded to be let out to see it last night. And what a revelation that was. Poppy went to her normal spot on the tree, and BEAMED. She sang a little song. She looked like she might cry. She kept looking back at Partner, smiling, tentatively putting beak and foot on new spots, checking out the ones that were still the same (yes, this IS the same!) flew around and gave both of us lots of kisses. It was like watching our neighbor’s two year old get a new toy truck: He put his hands over his face, and laughed, then threw his head back, as though it were all too wonderful and too much. That’s just what Poppy did. Boo, who is currently laying eggs, bustled out to investigate and, after registering her total approval, returned to her cage for her new favorite game, Cheerio Toss. She won’t let us in all the time now, so you get to stand there and propel cheerios to just that one certain spot where she wants them…..So, yes. This IS how I spend part of my time since you ask.

Coupled with the next fun I get to have, now that I’ve dealt with my various tax ID issues: The Credit Card Company That Has Decided Now Is The Time To Quadruple My Payment. I can hardly wait. But still, the Bird Tree has been restored to splendor. We have our own Parliament of the Birds right in the living room, and that is a good thing.

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