The Last Straw

I read an article in today’s S.F. Chronicle by Ray Ratto (LOVE HIM) concerning my beloved baseball team, the Oakland Athletics.  I’m sick at heart but the mounting sense I’ve had that something is deeply wrong but maybe I’m crazy finally emerged from the murky realms of not knowing.  Darkness is indeed afoot.  I am dumbfounded by the perfidy of it all.

The A’s are having a rotten season.  Rotten.  The Partner and I, and many of my friends, have been watching them, feeling uneasy, wondering what on earth is going on.  Well, NOW I KNOW.  Ratto’s article prompted me to do some research on the A’s owner, John Fisher.  Whaddaya know.  This guy is a conservative Republican from way back, part of the special group of people who have, whether you want to admit it or not, brought us to this freefall into the toilet we’re calling the economy, and the society.  Take the money, provide nothing.  California has been being run by these people and you can see, if you read the news, where that has gotten us.  It is ugly.  I am a native Californian and can not believe my eyes.  Anyway, this guy even abuses the land he owns up north and logs.  Take the logs, take the money.  Retreat to your multi-million dollar home and spend, spend, spend.   Meanwhile, the team is without guidance and foundation, because it has an owner who thinks about one thing.  Money.  He has had some idea (using the term idea very loosely) that they should move to San Jose.  Why? Those high rolling money days are over…but perhaps he doesn’t know that, being one of the few hundred richest people IN THE WORLD.   The team has been in Oakland for a long time.  Had a marvelous history.  Has a great and loyal fan base.  But, uh oh.  The fans aren’t rich! OOOOOOOOH.  They are, alot of them, what used to be called middle, and also working, class people.  ‘Cept excuse me, that doesn’t exist anymore much around here.  I guess he reckons that, well, Silicon Valley! Rich people! and some other things I’m not going to go into, but….Oakland! Poor people!   No brainer! Move the team to the rich people place! yesssssss! 

Except, no.  The A’s are rapidly becoming one of the worst teams in the Majors.  They don’t deserve that.  We don’t deserve that.  My vote? We need new ownership, new leadership, new management.  Meantime, the owners we do have need to try and learn how to be human beings and have respect for the game of baseball and those who play it.  And for the fans, who basically keep them, the owners, in the chips.  Lest we forget.

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