We’re Feeling Better

Oh, Gentle Reader.  That total solar eclipse was hard on us here at Casa Boozilla.  Dark Night of the Soul and all the rest of it, as Krishnamurti used to say.  Still, we managed to get through it with only a slight headache to show for our efforts.

However.  Grace does come to us periodically.  After a long, sleepless and overwrought night, I took my client to a doctor visit yesterday.  I am not a twig (anymore) but also? I am not ginormous.  Or tall.  So horsing an almost six foot tall, 150 pound man in a 50 pound wheelchair up hill and down dale is something of an accomplishment.  While I sat there waiting, snuffling a tiny bit, reading SACRED SCIENCE OF NUMBERS by C. Helene (very interesting, actually), and pondering the frailty of the human condition suddenly I heard music.  It was COLTRANE.  In a little hospital outpatient doctor visit space.  John Coltrane.  It was, to me, like hearing a divine emanation.  Honey and beauty.  A reminder that however it may look right now, the plan is in process, magic is afoot, and it is, indeed and nonetheless, a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

Leaving the metaphysics of redemption aside, I also returned to the kitchen.  I can give a ringing endorsement to Mark Bittman’s HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN.  The thai style corn pancakes are fantastic.  Easy.  The homemade cheese is pretty good too, certainly lots of possiblities there including grilling (yes!) and just at last having some decent queso fresco.  We were making it, Partner said, yes, but what kind of cheese IS this?  Well, I said, it’s queso fresco, or fromage blanc.  Which means, fresh cheese or white cheese, respectively.  See? The poor man has to put up with alot.

Then there are, of course, the things one reads in the news.  I was so furious after reading the California Budget “resolution” I actually had to go outside and kick a can.  (Since it ws garbage day there was actually quite a selection of detritus strewn around on the sidewalk, including a particularly unsavory looking sausage, which apparently had been extracted from said garbage and then rejected by a raccoon.) Tobacco and Oil get their way, and the people who need help getting on their feet, need home care, and need to go to school?  Tough tootie, folks.  But offshore drilling and no taxes for you poor oil companies?  And no increased taxes for you other large corporate interests? Just what’s fair.  The arrest of Henry Louis Gates was downright weird, too.  The realization that there really are so many, still, in this country, who don’t acknowledge the realities of racism (and sexism) is mind boggling.  Had Gates been a white Harvard professor, none of this would have happened.    It is hard to grasp that a policeman in that area would fail to recognize Gates.  I mean: The man is famous! He’s been on TV LOTS.  What is this?  Plus..well.  The whole thing is more than unsettling.  I don’t think any of us have the time left to take this giant leap backward.

Meanwhile, the quotidian beckons and sometimes that is all there is.  We are cautiously optimistic, too.  After all, the A’s won a game last night.  Big time.  We’re happy.


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