Another Week

Here we are again.  Thankfully, really.  Things to do, plans to execute.  However.  Elephants are dying of thirst in Kenya.  There’s algae in  Arctic waters.  There’s all the ridiculousness of every single thing, every day.   Like website weirdnesses, supply snafus and disappearances…just…ALL of it.  Not to mention, more Sarah Palin.

I guess what’s eating me these days is this.  I wonder if this pain in my chest will ever go away.  I’m starting to think maybe it won’t.   We were talking over the weekend about how everyone is so focussed on doing just what it takes to get through a day and disregarding whatever else is in front of them, and how that relates to the ever rising stress levels in society and the world and probably, heck, out in space.  What a thought! We’re polluting the cosmos with bad vibes. As much as I work toward calm and balance I still am hounded, in a way, by the suffering I “feel” going on all around me.   The trick is balancing that awareness with the resoluteness it takes to do the work before one at any given time.   Whatever it may be.  Brain surgery, washing the dishes, or walking down the sidewalk and not acting as though you, and only you, are there.

I read an interview with Julia Butterfly Hill, of tree sitting fame.  She said she was deluged with feelings of pain from all around her and while that informs her work it is also exhausting.  At first I thought, uh, let’s see here…But then I thought, this is, in fact, so.   And you HAVE to let it inform your work to be of service to others, which I believe is Why We’re Here.  But it is difficult, and it is difficult not to try to not feel that discord and whatever it is.  The collapse of one’s emotional infrastructure does not lead anywhere productive.  And one must take heart from the good work people are doing all over, often unnoticed and unremarked.   Maintain a sense of humor and all.  But sometimes it just reduces me to tears.  However, I carry on.  The Dalai Lama said one simple way to reduce suffering in the world was to smile, and that really is true.   Tootles. And smile!

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