Um, One More Thing

OK.  Now we’re reading about small business defaults and problems.  This makes me crazier than baseball.

As an attempted small business owner, when I read that Bank of America is having a problem because out of the billions they got, 2 million in SBA loans have not been recoverable…I turn red.  SBA loans for small businesses in places like, say, Biloxi and New Orleans where the funds are desperately needed and unlikely to be repaid in five years…why don’t THEY get terms restructured? Give those people a goddam break.  The credit card companies and Banks certainly get to restructure terms whenever they feel like it.  They got billions of dollars which will never be accounted for in all likelihood.  But if you, the individual, can’t pull money out of the air for a quick repayment, you can’t get a loan.  Which if you could you wouldn’t be borrowing money, would you?  If, as statistics show, small businesses account for a very large percentage of jobs in this country, wouldn’t you think some sensible structuring of funding would be a Good Idea?  Like, here’s a startup loan with a ten year repayment plan given the deep hole we’re all in?  Get a freaking grip. Grrrr.

Well.  Remember to smile.  Really.

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