Let’s Review

It seems, on balance, that July was somewhat challenging.  Also very rewarding and containing not a few of those every day miracles that take your breath away.  Of course, if you’re driving, you gotta watch that in intersections.

I think times are hard, Gentle Reader.  We’re heading for a leap of faith that would be nice if done by all of us together.   The old ways are becoming less and less workable and although one swings between excitement at the adventure and eye watering horror we’re clearly on the bullet train here.

Meanwhile, I have a new tag.  NIGHT ON CUSTOMER SERVICE MOUNTAIN.  Yesterday, it took me two and a half hours to get the shopping cart button on my website to work.  Calls to webhost, calls to payment company, I’m telling you it was arduous.  But what I learned is this.  Those shopping cart buttons?  Unless you have completely programmed every single thing on your website yourself? Only work at the simplest common denominator.  What this means in practical terms is: Don’t calculate your mailing costs by weight unless you want all that voluminous info on both your website and your pay site.  This really is fun.  But at the end of the line, the company who WAS responsible for this problem kept refusing to TAKE responsibility, indeed probably hoped I’d just go away.  I consider it a small personal triumph that I finally got it wrestled to the ground.  And, for you other small entities out there, a cautionary tale.  Which is worth telling because I noticed the same issue on a website this morning when I ordered something. *sigh*

On a brighter note,  I inadvertently found an easy way to make carnitas.  One of my favorite things! Carnitas! The answer? A slow cooker.  And a piece of pork called a “cushion”.  Put a bit of oil on bottom of cooker, put one sliced onion, and whatever else you want, carrots, cilantro, etc.  Lay pork on onion, drizzle with oil, sprinkle with whatever spice mix you like (cumin, say), perhaps some citrus juice, pepper, salt, another drizzle of oil.  Then add scant half cup of liquid (I use wine) (naturally).  Turn on, let it mind it’s own business all day, and there you have it.

Now, on to more fun.  Smile!


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