Where We Are Now

We have been wandering around for a while of late.  I found that my brain was feeling a bit like a hockey puck each time I looked at my trusty laptop and for once, said, hmmmmmmm…..I think today perhaps I won’t look…..

I’ve been hearing about lots of things in people’s lives,  and lots of it is the kind of story that makes you shake your head and wonder.  Why is there so much difficulty and suffering?  Is there a point?  Are we really any different than ants, say? Who have jobs to do and places to live and sometimes get squished en masse, leaving families behind?

 I think there always is something, something that presents itself in the darkest times if we can be still with our pain long enough to hear it and see its’ glimmer. Still, there really is nothing helpful to say in the face of the apparently growing tide of lost hope, the growing wave of feeling that it is too late, we’ve done what we were to do and still….the basics elude us, love eludes us, peace eludes us, basic physical security eludes us.  Telling someone in that place that “it’ll get better” or “you should…” or “that’s wrong…”– none of that really helps.  I’ve learned lately though that LISTENING really helps.  When someone sits and listens and witnesses, it helps.  When something helps, we can find the strength to go on.  When we can go on, we can find that something we must find to be whole.  Even though we don’t really know what we’re looking for.  When someone sits and listens, you can find some peace.  I know this because The Partner has sat and listened, and these past tempestuous weeks have contained some peace because of it.  

So, I still think a continuing salute to truth and beauty is in order.  And, remember to smile.

{ I had to try really hard today because, guess WHAT?  As I was actually backing out my driveway, in my car, to get to an appointment, some idiot  person pulled into my driveway (D.F.H.) while doing a U turn.  I almost ran into her.  Instead, I smiled.  I have a feeling it looked like a lion’s grin. }



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