Mysteries of Cyberspace

I noticed I actually had comments today! Whoa! But then they, upon investigation, turned out to be spam gobbledygook.  One was from the Norwich County Council Office, UK, and one from Macau.  I can’t help but wonder what these folks are doing, Gentle Reader.  I EVEN got one of those postcard thingys that are supposed to crash your entire life.  Some fun person in Romania, apparently.  But really?  Just for the record, we’re Mac powered here in House of Boozilla, anyway.  So, neener neener essentially.   Then there’s the endless stream of pornographically tilted messages I get in one of my website mailboxes.  If I have high spam filters, they junk the mail from one of my referring sites, which is not good.  If I have low filters, I get How 2 mk a wooomyn moan every day.  Clearly, people do not have enough to do with their time.  It’s astonishing.  Well, onward.  And, to you, too, out there ruining your eyesight peering into your screen and peppering the world with this whateveryouthinkitis nonsense.   Also? I can already make just about anyone moan. Humph.

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  1. Well, I will guarantee that this comment is not spam.

    I forgot who thought this up, but you can stuff all those reply by mail address forms with other forms from different companies and send it back to them.

    They may not get your business, but they’ll be completely foolish to reject the chance at entering a completely free contest, at a minimal fee, for a chance at winning an opportunity to obtain perhaps a brand new, second hand, car.

    Remember the good old days when online stupidity was buffered somewhat by slow Internet?


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