The Mauling Continues

Just to set your anxious minds at rest, Gentle Readers, the Cyber-Mauling continues unabated.  Is Sunday no longer safe, either?  I’m trying to remain calm through it all, all those invitations, bizarre queries, my goodness and! OMG! Someone sent me a PICTURE attached to one query, which with a great application of character, I did not open.  I’m familiar with the appearance of body parts.

Also, we are absolutely back to status quo Otherwise.  My nemesis has revealed itself to be The Common Tile Saw.  In place early this morning grinding away on concrete.  This time it was all in Bellowed English,  from “Senior” as we call him. (Not just the grandfather next door, he’s an almost exact replica of Senior on the motorcycle show.)   This, in combination with a 7:30 a.m. phone call from someone wanting to sell me refrigerator magnets set me up perfectly for my day.  

Therefore, learning that while Cat Stevens can’t get into the country but Mr. Qaddafi can- not only can but owns a palatial spot in NEW JERSEY?  just made me shake my head and emit a croaking, rueful laugh.

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