What Page Were We On?

Sometimes, well let’s face it, most times, I feel that we in Rancho Boozilla are not even in the same book, let alone on the same page, as our happy neighbors around us.  Having come to terms with the disorientation of all that and forged ahead nonetheless, things still pop up that leave us with our beaks hanging open.

I was reminded over the weekend of something that I knew, but had swept under my mental rug.  This reminder had the physical effect of making me throw up.  The issue was this.  People are being sent back to Afghanistan and Iraq with active, full blown, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We all ‘know” that people are reassigned and what not.  But it is all too easy to forget what that really means.  For one thing, it means that any work toward healing the PTSD and returning to any kind of normalcy goes right into the dumper.  For another, it most likely means that any time stateside is poisoned with terror about the impending return.  Those two things alone are going to demolish families and lives, not to mention the other potential corollaries like coping with major physical injuries.  For a third thing, which should have some meaning to the average citizen, it means that ultimately society at large is going to have a really big pool of vets who are in so much pain and have been so severely traumatized that help is going to be a long, long way away.  This affects YOU, as I try and say to my neighbors.  (I do engage in pointless activities from time to time.)  That person who goes ballistic in the shopping center? Where do you think they came from?  Not to mention the, I’m betting large, pool of opium and heroin addicts who will be returning to a society that will not understand them.    In the lowest, and I do mean LOW, common denominator this will cost money.  Pure selfishness should make society rethink how this issue is being handled, if nothing else.  If not a sense of compassion and respect for our fellow beings.    If not a deep sense of heartbreak about all this suffering.

This whole thing makes me so angry I can’t think straight.  The whole thing is so wrong.  Historically Afghanistan has been a deal breaker in a big way.  If you pay attention to history, that is.  Which we seem not to be since we are repeating it.    The euphemisms used on television about returning service people, if they are mentioned at all, make me nutty(-er, OK, OK. NUTTIER.  Happy?).  Our country is engaging in something that has never worked in the past, that is, war and violence.  It isn’t working now, I don’t believe it WILL.  We are sending our kinsmen and women, basically, to destruction and danger, and then behaving as though we don’t know what is going on.  It needs to stop.


2 responses to this post.

  1. There’s only so much a human mind can take, before reality is too much to bear and its avoidance at any cost would seem like bliss.

    Though the culture differs from service to service, the sentiment is simlar among the armed forces: There’s an old saying in the military, the marines in particular…

    There’s nothing more deadly than a marine and his weapon.

    If the recent camp Liberty Killings are any hint, the military in all branches, has gone to great lengths to prove just.

    So the real question… Deadly to whome?


    • Indeed. And on many levels. The tightrope we all walk is shifting underneath us. Your query is most apt, too, of course. Safe for WHOM? I often wonder if “they” think “they” can just go to Mars or something when it gets to the total frothing boiling point here on Earth. Which, don’t look now, but it’s getting….


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