Procrastination and Global Warming

There’s something about having a complex “thing” to do that makes the mind turn to blogging, I’m finding.  But the mind, Gentle Readers, gets overwhelmed and kafuffled so easily and concentration on one, perhaps more lofty, activity becomes like setting up base camp atop Mt. Everest.  ( Or anywhere, really.  You should see me set up a tent!  It’s funny.)

We had to go to the DMV yesterday, which in itself is Quite The Endeavor.  BUT.  I made an appointment! We were in and out in twenty minutes! Amazing! As I sat and waited, though, for the Partner to be wrangled through getting his picture taken,  I noticed at least five people who probably weighed 400 pounds.    Many others were closer to 250.  This really made me stop and think.  What are these folks eating? Nothing that’s very good for them and probably not alot of it, either.  Probably surviving on multiple $1 meals at whoever it is that’s offering them- all fat, refined sugar and corn syrup, and simple minded carbohydrates.  Given that this particular DMV is in a, um, challenging part of town, I wondered how anyone functions at that weight.  You can’t really DO anything, not even walk easily.  It can’t feel very good.  But at a certain economic level it may well be the most practical alternative, which is bad enough just in itself.

When you combine the public health issues in all this with the basic loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that ensues when you can’t really fit into a chair, even, and the fact that hamburgers and tacos- beef, in other words- are primary ingredients in alot of these fast food diets, AND the fact that producing all that beef is a major contributor to carbon emissions and thus global warming- wouldn’t you think that someone would go, heeeeey! waaaaaaaaait just a dern minute here.    This is all bass ackwards!   But, so far? Apparently not.

So, it’s hard for me to get my teeming brain focussed on what it needs to focus on.   I’m just kind of stunned by it all, really.  We were talking then, too, about all the shooting and whatnot that goes on in these neighborhoods, such as we found ourselves in at the DMV yesterday.  The fact that alot of the shootings are, in fact, just that: Someone shoots someone, probably in the arm or leg or someplace, not killing them but disabling them.  The people you read about who really DO go around killing people are actually people who are not well.  So there’s a difference between the kinds of violence that take place, we might say.  Those who aim for the arm are just trying to survive.  Those who shoot to kill are damaged and need some attention other than the criminal system.  And really, what do you expect from such an environment? Terrible nutrition, no education, no family infrastructure.  The fact that we live in a world where this is, to some extent, accepted practice, is- well, now THAT is crazy.  So many people consigned to the trash because of a circumstance of birth.  Such a huge trajectory required to get out of it.  Then there’s Lagos!  or Rio de Janeiro. Or any number of other places.  It’s not just Compton. Or Oakland.   

As a species we simply must snap out of this mindless selfishness and we have, it looks like, about twenty seconds in which to do that.  What you do to one, you do to all.   It just seems to me that there has to be a better way.  A better way than throwing people in harm’s way to gain power, wherever it is done: In Iraq or here, or there, or anywhere.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Come to think of it, don’t humans produce far less green house gases than cows?

    “What are these folks eating?”



    • Ha ha dear E! perhaps it should be *gag*
      Anyway this made Boozilla laugh again!
      Important after having spent the past two days at County Hospital ER, where…um….
      soylent green is
      perhaps not
      a joke.
      Re the greenhouse gases? I’m thinking the S.G factory will more than compensate.


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