Did I Forget to Say Thankyou?

I try not to, forget that is.  A wise person once said that if the only prayer you ever say is thankyou, that will be enough.

Easy to forget to say, however.  The world is too much with us and all that.  But I watched a beautiful starry sky last night with floating many-silvered clouds and it was a revelation, yet again.  There is so much good built into nature, thoughtful interactions and rebirths.  I often think of that Gary Larsen cartoon showing God making the World in a mixing bowl, saying, as he adds a few tablespoons from a bottle marked “Jerks”, “just to make it interesting…”  Some days I could do with a good bit less interesting.

I was also thinking about how it is we get along with each other.  I once had a client who was a former Nazi, and was one of  the most intelligent, charming and aware people I’ve ever met.  Another client, a regulation dyed  in the wool U.S. Conservative (which? what does that really mean???)  who overall, prefers to stay in place with prejudices intact.  Other people I work with have wildly diverging philosophies from mine, and in different circumstances, who knows what might happen.  It seems to me, though, to be a question of whether we learn from our experiences or not.  If we don’t, and continue on the same way always, I’m thinking we aren’t really alive.  It’s a shame to miss those stars.

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