Uh, Lemme See Here

Greetings, Gentle Readers.  It has, indeed, been a minute since we last convened here for the Ongoing Saga of Life at House of Boozilla.

Nothing much has changed.  The tomatoes are ripening apace, and the possum in the back yard and I are engaged in armed struggle.  Which is expected to ensue shortly with the squirrel as the figs ripen.  Although, the squirrel and I have a bit of detente so, perhaps foolishly, I feel fairly calm about the figs.  As opposed to last year when we hardly got ANY.  Sure, there were cleaned and empty skins with all those cute little tooth marks in them.  And the bitten-into not quite ripe figs that then had to go into the compost.  Still, we live in hope.

The Partner is not much improved, and next week we’ll no doubt have an exciting report on the $350 appointment we’ve made with The  Gastroenterologist.  I’m doing Major Magic to come up with THAT sum, but nils desperendum.  

Meanwhile there has been much to ponder in the Outside World.  People are just losing it right and left, aren’t they?  Calling the President a liar? My goodness.  Try that in Iran, buddy.  Or pick something about which there might, maybe, be some question of veracity.  Otherwise, did you just want to make yourself look like an ill-bread idiot?  Then, poor Serena and Kanye, spouting off.  I guess it is hard at the top, too.  All kinds of hurtful, really offensive, but courageously anonymous, comments on some of the blogs I read.  And, The Joy of Driving, of course.  I got totally confused one day because as I pulled out of my parking space and prepared to exit the lot, a woman in a BMW (and I am sorry, but really.  BMW should give mandatory driving and comportment lessons with their cars.  Seriously.) sat on the right, outgoing side lane.  I, in my exposed, pulled out spot, had to quickly review just which side we actually drive on here.  Then, of course, someone was racing in on the incoming side, which was my left.  The woman in the BMW?  I bet you can’t guess what she did.  Give up? Yes.  She mouthed my least favorite word and flipped me off.  I’m like, what are you DOING? to her and PLEASE DON’T HIT ME to the other driver who was also, ha ha, flipping ME off.  It strains credulity, to say the least.   I wonder if they expected my Subaru to sprout wings.

But, I read this last week, and very especially appreciated the part about those who “live their lives putting out the extra effort not to be an ass…”  I think this is the essence in many ways of  living a conscious life.  Certainly it is in the basic tenets of Buddhism (right action), and in the words of  Jesus (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) (Just in case a refresher was needed.).  Because there are certainly many out there who seem to put out the extra, we may say even mammoth, effort in the contrary direction.    Everyone feels that they, quite simply, just have it the worst.  They are entitled.  They know it all.  Their desires must come first, always. Corollary of course is that you don’t know doodly.  There is so much anger and anxiety out there now, it makes going outside a challenging prospect indeed.  Where did all this constant looking outside oneself and demanding instant gratification come from?  What about growing up and cooperation?  Not to mention, delayed gratification.  I really don’t understand all this rudeness and the violence of these interactions we’re witnessing now.   It doesn’t help anything.  It doesn’t speed up the process of the Ass In Question getting what it wants.  It’s like being part of a mass tantrum.

So, meanwhile.  Life goes on somehow.  And the tomatoes are great.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank ye for the kind mention!

    I think all this started in the 70’s. All that pharmaceutical nonsense being pumped through every vein, all that terrible disco and all the Wall Street hype of “money now, conscience later“, combined to create the perfect poop storm of arrogance and self-worship.

    People who were kids or young adults back then, got the worst examples when it came to molding their character. And we’re all paying the price now.

    I hope you’ll have better news on the Partner soon. Maybe there’s still some skill left in the medical industry to solve this dilemma.


  2. Yes, I agree. The eighties, and the “leadership” therein, have a lot to answer for. I had almost blanked out disco! Ye Gods and Little Fishes. Being a bear and all. That did seem to be a time for a resurgence of Greed and Nothing But. The worst aspects of human nature elevated to respectability. Yeugh.
    Taking all that into consideration, I really did find your R.I.P. post helpful, and lately, help is Most Appreciated. I saw a dog with a tulle ribbon and feather collar on yesterday: She’d been a flower girl at a wedding. That also gave me hope.
    Now, since today is the Partner’s Birthday, on to bake something Suitable for The Situation before it gets too darned hot. I’m holding Hopeful Thoughts for the Dr.


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