The Original Concept

Was what? when I started writing this blog.  Nothing much, really.  I like writing.  It makes me feel slightly less crazy to get things out so I can look at them.  Blogging is perfect also, because, quite often, even I can’t read my own handwriting.  (And after three attempts, apparently can’t spell it either with any ease).  

Meanwhile,  it is Monday again.  The Partner has MSNBC on, the ever irritating Jim Cramer and his shirt sleeves.  All these things they talk about, they’re quite lame, to paraphrase Bob.  But, a question.  Why does a billionaire steal money?   If the answer is simply because he can?  It’s worse than we thought out here in the cold.  A trip to the local  open 24 hours Walgreen’s yesterday yielded the information that people are sleeping at night on the benches outside it now, including one man in a wheelchair and his wife (they take turns, apparently, keeping watch over each other, one awake and one asleep).  It’s too deep for tears, just about.  And perilously close in every way.

So, yesterday I pushed the Titanic off my chest by cooking.  Waffles! Make extra and freeze so there’s something to eat even when you’re too anxious to figure it out in the morning.  Enchiladas filled with squash and black beans with a sauce made from tomatoes from our garden.  Not only thrifty but nutritious.   The sauce is really easy, too.  I roasted some tomatoes and an onion first, then put them in the food processor  (or just chop up) with more fresh tomatoes and chilis.  Whoosh around, then put in lightly oiled pan and sear.  Done.  The roasted onion makes a big difference, actually, in the sauce.  Much better than raw.  Garlic minced and sprinkled over filling before final assembly.  Also this time I discovered that cubing cheese, if you use it, and putting it in the filling mixture and letting it all rest and come together flavor-wise is better than putting it on top.  I liked it better, anyway, and the Partner pronounced it “authentic tasting.” And he would know.  He is, himself, VERY authentic.

Meanwhile, the Titanic is back in position and I am trying to create some order out of the mayhem-ish winds blowing our way.  We’ll see how I do.  I did see yesterday, for sure, that basic kindness goes a long way and helps alot, however.  So I’m going to try and remember that in my travels today.

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