BattyHere, as heretofore alluded to and promised, is my Halloween picture.  

The monoprint is from Bridget Henry ( and Batty plus halo is just part of the crew here at Rancho Boozilla.  The pumpkin is destined to be a pie.  

Batty has a special place in my heart, as a bit of an alter ego really.  Lately I have been feeling ever more…lost in space.  Batty, as it were.  It seems challenging-er and challenging-er to keep everything together, and as a friend of mine remarked yesterday, things are becoming Chaotic.  Surely not, I murmured, narrowly missing a pedestrian who had decided to step out into the crosswalk when the light turned red.  Having waited, of course, through the green light.  We were driving to the hospital to straighten out yet another  life snafu, so there was some urgency to it all.   Then I went into my “Shipping Department” (garage) today to send out some products and thought: Oh dear.  Chaos indeed.  Still.  Lost shipments from last summer and non-stop solicitations notwithstanding, today I feel as though I and my Little Website have really arrived.  We are now receiving long, lingering visits from robots.  Yes.  Bots.  And Spiders.  Not, as I anxiously asked the Webhost, Dr. Evil?  No, no, he said.  Robots.  Ha, ha, he said.  Dr. Evil! You have quite the little sense of humor don’t you? he said.  Apparently, since I get hits from all over the world the robots think this means something.  Hits, mind you.  Sales, not so much.  Then again it is hard to ship reasonably to Arabia and Bolivia.  After all.  And it is especially hard to make sales when your credit card processing service decides to switch your shipping options from various and mostly free,  to express mail only with no notice.  Somehow people just don’t want to be pushed into that! Whoa. And, as shopping on my own website is not my habit, I Had No Idea.  After my head came back together after exploding upon receiving this wonderful piece of intelligence,  I was relieved to learn there is a new “slogan”, as it were, for this occasion.  When I  called this nest of vipers  Entity before with problems, they have said, Oh, no, no one else has that problem.  Right.  Right? Now, they said, Oh, no.  We never offered that service.  Never offered multiple shipping options for a web based business.  Never.  We’re just processing money. Oh.  Of course.  Sure, you’re right.  Just because you have all these effing programming options for just these very services on the site that programs my shopping cart? Meaningless.  Only a complete dolt would think that had any meaning at all.   So, Batty and I looked at each other for a while and then I cowboyed up and fixed the darn thing.  I hope.  Meanwhile.  Does anyone know what the Good Witch looked like?

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