Misadventure, with Hollandaise

So, yesterday we went out to breakfast as an unusual and most welcome break in the routine.  This would have been fine if the devil hadn’t made me  I hadn’t decided that life was impossible without Eggs Benedict.  This particular place, which is actually wonderful, operates on the premise that more is more.  It says two pancakes, sometimes you get four.  It says Eggs Benedict and you get something that looks like a small buttercup color lake with tiny pontoons floating in it.   Net net, it plunged me, even having not partaken of the dish in its entirety, in a state of suspended and putrified animation in a gaseous domain, temporarily.

Which left me plenty of time to think, while I was trying to position myself in such a way as to not a )explode, or b) implode.   Last week was pretty rough, again. The spot of Friday pawholding with a friend who found dealing with menacing and foul mouthed 20 somethings on BART (the Bay Bridge has been closed , and the Ferry wasn’t working because of an oil spill in the bay.  Perhaps, really we need say no more.) ultimately more than she could take was just a small part.  Combined with her empathy for a colleague at work who had come back from a trial in the deep south.  The trial of the murderer of his daughter.  Who was white.  By her boyfriend, who was black, and demonstrated his total innocence by immediately decamping to Canada post event.  Apparently the papers in this town trumpeted the constant refrain that the only reason this young man was considered as a suspect was because he was black.  Forget forensics, right?  Meanwhile, I think everyone in the Bay Area is, and certainly should be, disturbed and sickened by what happened to the Richmond high school girl at a school dance.   It is an odd thing to come to terms with the fact that there are individuals out there who seem to have, actually, no real human component.  Who will hurt you and think nothing of it. The possibility of life in prison seemed to get their attention, interestingly enough.  The thing that I noticed though, was that somehow, now, everyone is racist and right off the top, too.  Before it was just white folks.  Now it is everyone.  Whatever happens, it is related to the color of your skin, not your behavior.  While this is oftentrue, it isn’t ALWAYS true.  Kids in the Richmond case who were picked up by the Police because they had been watching and texting their friends about it and not lifting a finger to help?  They were of course picked up just because of their skin color. Not because they were there and participating on some level in an atrocity.  Basically.   People are accepting rotten behavior and limitations on their own freedom because they are afraid to speak up and experience the wrath of one of these individuals , who of course come in all sizes, shapes, colors, stripes, sexes and persuasions.  I met a raving white one yesterday and it shook me up more than a little, in addition to narrowly missing turning my car into an accordion. Also I was not happy with myself: Yo Mamma lept to my lips in a heartbeat and that isn’t going to help anything overall.   It’s terrifying, actually, to see all of this.  It is as though all the work and thought that happened in the last forty years….just didn’t.  On top of the stomach balancing act, it really was just too much for me yesterday.    Even taking a broad view of why this happens and allowing for the truth  of people’s feelings about discrimination and the brutal reality of its existence in daily life- we still cannot be treating each other in this disrespectful and cruel way.  Period.  It is time to put down Your Personal Very Important Story.  What you do to one, you do to all.  How you treat someone else is how you treat yourself.  Food for thought.  Without, perhaps, hollandaise.

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