We’re BAAAAAAACK. Sort of.

It’s raining today.  Before it started in pelting down in earnest, the hummingbirds were out in back, taking little showers.  The two She’s Who Must Be Obeyed are napping at present.  I’m baking the pumpkin for future pies.  And, actually, warmth.

I must confess, Gentle Reader, that I am tired.  The last two weeks of running my life and business (complete with Fair in the middle requiring preparation and lotsa driving) plus taking care of two cats and a disabled individual were like a mad Olympic sprint.  With lead boots on.  Not writing turned out to be not so great, either.    There’s so much challenging stuff going on in the Personal Dominion that sorting it all out in the abstract helps.  The past two weeks did not allow for that, what with the mad dash from one distress call to another, and God help me, ANOTHER VISIT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM after a particularly ghastly, though unrelated,  telephonic interlude.  I even found myself in Walgreen’s one morning at effing 5:30 a.m. quizzing a bleary eyed Pharmacy Tech about OTC meds for the home front.  We looked at each other and exchanged a silent Yup.  Sucks.  A friend called me about halfway through all this and said: Jeez.  Where’d my life go? Ha ha, I said.  If I could find MINE I’d tell you.  Anyway.

 The cats were interesting.  Their human had left out, in a genius humanitarian move, latex gloves for me to use and this made it possible to pet them without instantly blazing into Hive Central.  It was great.  It made me think, however, about the cognitive and behavioral differences between cats and parrots.  Since my mornings were filled by feeding both and providing slavish attention all round.  Parrots are funnily like humans, or perhaps it is that you can see a particular type of emotional pattern that we share with them.  They’re like Presidents which is to say, I suppose, that there is a certain amount of Ego, and they are deeply emotional and jealous on top of it.  Once you get past that, you can actually have a decent conversation with one.  They  revel in language and sound and interpreting how to communicate.  Which I appreciate.  Just not at high decibels.  Cats, on the other hand.  Independent but also high maintenance, and not the same kind of intellectual interaction.  They want what they want, when they want it, and, you may pet me when I choose and I’ll talk to you when I get good and ready.  Maybe.  But you’ll have to learn Cat, dude, because I refuse to be bilingual.  Then, of course, there’s dogs.  Easy to talk to, dogs are.  They get it, usually without a fuss, too. This all made me realize that  I think of animals, in a primary way, as creatures whose language I have to learn.  I have animal clients and it is generally not hard for me to “tune in” to them.  So I guess that means I’m making progress on my  language skills.  It’s interesting, really.

All of which has led me to fantasize about hot springs.  I’d like to go up in the mountains to a hot spring, and a hot bath isn’t going to do it.  Peace, silence, stars and hot water.    Right now, that’s all I want.

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