Yes, Gentle Readers, I should really be attaching labels to all our recently made product.   But, somehow, today does not seem like a conducive day for such an endeavor.  I’ll give it a few minutes.  The interesting thing about working on your own stuff, of course, is that on the one hand there is no structure being imposed on things from elsewhere.  On the other, there are deadlines and things that must happen.  And establishing a format is an interesting thing.  

It is, of course, TOTALLY WAY MORE WORK now, being my own boss.  (What a concept!)  Yet all the time that got taken up before at the Eight Hour A Day Experience fell into a pre-made paradigm, I guess.  So it is both thrilling and chilling to create one’s own paradigm.   Saturday can be whatever you want it to be, in essence.   I think having an outside workspace to go to is a big help in a way, because then one is not constantly distracted by things like ant invasions or dirty dishes.  At the same time?  Staying in one’s jammies until one is good and ready to get out of them?  WONDERFUL.    Also, dealing with the ants is a good thing.

I guess what we’re working on here is creating an actual life in a way that makes sense to me, the person who’s living it.  And this is more complex than I might’ve imagined.  I never had this kind of “control” over how I spent my time before, and in a way it puts you up against your edge every day.  Because every day is different from the one before it even if it seems the same.  I get to set my pace and everything else.  At the same time, there is no “security”.  You don’t know what will happen on almost every level.  You keep working, you keep going, you keep thinking and feeling and planning, and that momentum is vitalizing on a level I didn’t know I inhabited before.  But it is still like walking a tightrope above a very dark and unknown space.  Of course it is precisely that space that funds our energies, but it takes time to understand that. 

Meanwhile, the labels are not doing themselves.  Still, it’s interesting.  There are all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions about how all this works, running a business or any creative process, and I think? The bottom line is that aside from the basic things that are universal, like keeping track of your finances and functionally concrete things like that, it is a very individual trajectory.  But it definitely involves developing a high degree of comfort with ambiguity and the unknown.  It is really another world, by which I continue to be astonished.  Which is, I guess, a good thing.

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