School of Rock

Is on right now.  I love this movie, and.  A good reason to sit still.  It has been Quite The Year, Gentle Readers.   Lots of opportunities to learn things! Growth opportunities! Yes!  I’m POOPED!

Meanwhile, it is, indeed and still, a long road to the top if you want to rock and roll.   Maybe music is a good concept for what’s happening for all of us right now, too.  This is a period of transition and change and shift across the board, and it seems that nobody is going to be exempt from the adventure this time around.  In a way it’s like a song we’re singing and learning at the same time.  We’re humming along even though the lyrics may not be in our grasp just yet.  But a song it is, and songs and music are healing forces in this world, and the energy of that sound can carry us a long way if we let it.  Sometimes I think everything sings, and we can hear it if we take the time to listen.  Now is a good time.


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