15 Minutes of Blog

Or, The Universe is Expanding and So Am I.

We made it, gentle reader, yes we did.  Another year.  Once I got my math squared away and realized it really WAS the end of a decade (the 09 threw me off, see?  I was expecting 10 as the end of a…oh well. *sigh*) we all perked up around here quite a bit.  We hope the girls are through laying eggs til the next season comes around, for example.  We’ve had a dozen in the past five weeks, which is stressful for ANY girl.  

We did get things moving in the past ten years, though, more than previous ten year increments.  More action, less drama.  (I mean, there was drama, don’t get the wrong idea.  But not the life stopping kind.) (Maybe it’s just getting older.  And the expansion.  A bigger picture all the way around, so to speak.  You realize you’ve Seen This Before! Hey! The Same Rodeo! Head for the clown!)  All in all, progress was made even though it appeared at times to take the last available drop of blood.

So here we are at the first Monday of a new year, which in itself is not perhaps the most delectable thought.  The sun is out, there is blue sky, the hummingbirds are kicking up a ruckus about getting their feeder filled, and there are places to go, paws to hold, deep breathing to do.  But if the universe is expanding, and it is, and time is changing- or the way we see it is changing- and it is, it leaves us, I think, in the position of having our eyes wide open with wonder.  Sometimes it seems as though everything is so completely and irretrievably screwed up, there is no hope.  Of course that is ridiculous, the vision of the small “s” self.   The ego.  Which goes outside for a walk, gets scared or tricked out in some way, comes home, slams the door shut, and gets in a tizzy.  As opposed to the big “S” Self, which is this expanding bunch of energy we’re part of.  And is us, everyone else, everything else, the walk, the tizzy, all of it.  Clearly Earth and its Inhabitants need a paradigm shift.  It seems to me at times to be quite possible that it is in fact occurring RIGHT NOW.  So what I learned over the holidays? is this:  Those things we hold in our minds as opposites, irreconcilable problems- they are invitations to expand our thinking so that we and our little s’s are not at the center of it all.  Then answers gradually appear, and often they are answers we have longed to receive because they bring resolution and peace.  

Ta ta for now.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest………..

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