That Sinking Feeling

Came on strong when I saw that  Rupert Murdoch is a large part of the economics behind AVATAR.  Sigh.

Then we went to our local Military Surplus store to get some pants for the Partner, which interestingly is run by a pair of  Hajis.   The place itself gave me a terrible stomach ache even though it is clean, neat, organized, the guys are perfectly friendly and nice.  There’s of course all kinds of great stuff: A sterno vaporizer, for example.  Fantastic!  It’s just…..what it’s about, I guess.   There’s a whole counter full of knives and triple point throwing items, all with points out.  Used military clothing and medic bags.  Who used them last?    The human condition is continually perplexing, at least to this bear.   

Meanwhile, satori or not, on to the laundry.


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  1. Kelly,

    I must say I’m terribly disappointed and take great exception to your characterization of the Army Surplus dealers you mention. As director of sales of Rothco, a company that has serviced the Army Surplus industry for over 55 years, I can tell you that army surplus dealers, and the gentlemen you speak of (since you are in the 510 area code I have a pretty good idea of whom they might be) run a fine establishment and are honest and hardworking businessmen. Despite the fact that you found the store to be well run, you found the need to disparage the ancestry of the owners.

    The America I was born in and live in is a land of immigrants who are given the opportunity to come, work hard and prosper and contribute to our society, exactly what these gentlemen are doing. I am sure your business, Kelly’s Custom Creams, would be happy to take the money of those you choose to call “Hajis”, why would you then disparage these gentlemen as a consumer?

    This is not about political correctness. It is about honesty. Would you call these men “Hajis” to their face? Would you call them “Hajis” if they would patronizing your business? Surely not.

    For better or for worse the internet provides 100% transparency. Your posting came to me through google alerts by the use of the term “military surplus”. It would be so nice if I could show my customers your post lauding their well-run business, but, unfortunately, the slur you include makes that impossible.

    Those who were here when my Italian and Spanish ancestors came over had plenty of choice names for them, too. They took acception to it then, and I still take exception to it now. It doesn’t have to be my ethnic group to offend me. Those gentlemen are trying to live the American dream, just like the rest of us.

    I wish you good luck in your business and a richer vocabulary in the future.

    John Ottaviano
    Director of Sales


    • I must say *I* am terribly surprised that you took my mention as disparagement. We all seem to be on a hair trigger these days so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and realize that you, too, are experiencing the pressure we all feel now. The use of the word, capitalized and italicized, Hajis, was to show respect. And of course I would use that term while speaking to either of these individuals, and DID, to show the proper respect to an individual who has made the spiritual journey to Mecca. I believe my vocabulary in this respect is adequate.

      What made me physically miserable in that place was the fact that almost everything in there is, basically, about the fact that humans devote an incredible amount of time to hurting and killing each other. THAT was the source of the discomfort. Since you took the time to investigate (” “) me, you must be conscious of the fact that I do healing work. Also, FYI, with people who have survived the raging wars and violence of our current times. Perhaps your awareness will expand along with my supposedly inadequate vocabulary? We live in hope. I appreciate your comment, and I do hope that, given where YOU are, your own horizons continue to grow. It is interesting to me that you found it necessary to make all kinds of assumptions about ME and “exposure” of information, with no basis for that other than your own, if you will, knee jerk reaction. But, that’s blogging!


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