In Haste

Disturbing things in the news.  To wit:

“Supreme” Court rules that corporate entities are the same as individuals in terms of contributing funds to political campaigns.  Anybody notice anything about this?  Anything ROTTEN?  Anything completely out of whack?

I see there is a move on to completely legalize marijuana.  What I wonder about that is: Will they let all the people out of jail who got busted for marijuana offenses if it becomes legal?  Or will the corporate rush to inhale all the potential profits to be made from this crop obliterate all else?

*SIGH*.  I have to pack now.


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  1. To serve hash?

    Once upon a time in this country, marijuana was actually legal to produce and was taxed along with alcohol.

    This is the problem with any vice that’s prohibited. It just creates an underground world that is more that willing to supply. But we seem to have learned nothing from the birth of organized crime during prohibition.

    I suppose they would have to deal with this the same way they dealt with people busted for bootleging when alcohol became legal again.

    Who knows… There may be the big boys like Budweiser and Coors rushing to cash in on this. But there may also be Mom & Pop crops popping up catering to specific clientele like the microbrewery industry for beer.

    In the end, only the demand can really shape the supply.


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