Film at Eleven


So, we’ve been packing.  It’s funny what makes me burst into tears and what is kind of a King Solomon’s Mines thing.  Wine glasses, former.  Finding a whole bag of Yerba Santa leaves? Definitely King Solomon’s Mine.  Meanwhile, next week we sally forth to find our new dwelling.  Should be Interesting.  Thank God there’s a place up there that makes great Lemon Drops.

Meanwhile things are as usual.  Birds are back to laying eggs, Boo is a jealous wreck and was put in solitary this morning as a result of her Grievous Misbehavior, and I’ve been thinking about “healing” in the sense of what it involves to actually reach such a condition.  It involves paying attention, and allowing.  Allowing meaning not putting up an array of Expectation, Demand, Petition, or Fear.  Allowing meaning let it be as it is and taking it from there and not from your own “idea” of what it is.   Meaning, also, not making a war out of seeking harmony and balance.

So, Gentle Readers, off we go.  To be further expounded upon at a later date…….

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