A World Where Time Has No Meaning

And that, Gentle Reader, would be the World of Home Depot.  Where we have been doing enjoyable things like inspecting sinks and toilets and small refrigerators and….but, nonetheless.  The Yurt is UP!!!!!! Plumbing is on the way!!!! Doing something like this is like…who was it? Hercules? Who sowed the dragon’s teeth? As in, there is always something and it is multiplying.  Don’t look down, up, or back.  And, certainly, don’t think about what is going on in the Rest of The World because….well.  The Gulf Coast is really just unbearable to think about although I AM praying, of course.  Meanwhile, a picture of why this astounding amount of work and adventure is all worth it in my mind, seen in the preliminary construction phase, to wit, my new ceiling:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! I can just imagine what the stars in the night sky would look like through that. I’d say any amount of headaches you’ve had to put up with so far was well worth it.

    I’m reminded of a scene in the movie Madagascar where the roof opens up and Alex the lion says :

    It’s like billions and billions of helicopters…


    • I think so. I mean, WELL worth it. I’ll just have my head in a sling for some time to come, is all, ahem. Think I”ll rent that movie, too! We’ll soon have our first night view and whoa, wouldn’t pictures be great? I’ll try.


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