High Fives

From the brave new world, Gentle Readers. Did you miss me?  My new middle of nowhere internet connection is quite interesting- it jumps all over the screen willy nilly, no matter where *I* want the letters to go, thus just typing this sentence has been Quite the Endeavor.  Anyway for better or worse we are once again linked to the world at large, which is interesting.

At the present moment The Partner is under the Yurt working on The Running Water story.  This is cause for exclamation and celebration, indeed.  Soon we’ll even have HOT water inside, and then….glorious gloriousness, we’ll have a bath/shower inside too.  The Partner can do ANYTHING, we’ve learned.  He’s pretty tired right now, though, what with this no expenses spared, no holds barred, nothing held back trip we’ve been on through OMGWTF world. But we’re moving forward, at really a pretty good clip.  I HAD NO IDEA how much work this was going to be, and of course not really having much choice at the time…..but.  I have learned alot.  Even gotten some muscles!  Many stories to come but for now, just to say greetings and salutations from all of us at Rancho Boozilla.

One response to this post.

  1. “I HAD NO IDEA how much work this was going to be”
    [Insert Ditto here]

    The good news is that once it’s done, hopefully the rest is just maintenance. As they say, the hardest step is the first one. One day, you’ll look back at these days and think, “Ouch, wow and whew!”.

    As for the Internet issue, I think what’s happening is that you click or type something and the connection drops before it reaches the destination. Then it picks up with the next keystroke. Sort of like Tourettes in morse code. If you do have a steady connection though, I would avoid fiddling with it for now.


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