It Had To Happen

Fecoventilatory Accident

Here we have it, in a nutshell

In Thomas Pynchon’s immortal wording: A Fecoventilatory Accident.  Tell me something I don’t already know, Universe!  Still I suppose it was comforting to finally know, absolutely that, er, my sense of things wasn’t askew.  So if you’re wondering how we are here in probably the Hottest Place On Earth Besides Some Spot in Saudi Arabia, look no further than the above, graphic, depiction.

In related news, those brave souls of you struggling to equip your off the grid spots with things like propane powered water heaters?  Today’s concept is WCI, aka Water Column Inches.  Never mind that this is usually a concept associated with DRILLING.  Never mind that in a regular hardware store none of the propane attachments have specs in WCI.  No, just never mind all that, friend.   After literally weeks of armed struggle with the Takagi Jr., a long morning was spent on the phone with Takagi Customer Service.  Probably we need say no more, however…..  They didn’t want to talk to us at first because we weren’t a business.  So, never mind that EITHER.  Finally the tech got to the WCI issue, and in a magnanimous gesture of unbridled compassion, revealed that the 11 wci in tee tiny print on the owner’s manual actually meant: How much pressure the water heater had to have to work.  Clearly, it would have been out of the question for the manual to say, get low power regulator with 11 wci OR one half pound psi. Since, in this case it worked out to half a pound.  So the regulator we had which theoretically works on everything? Waaaaay more than half a pound.  We’re of course very grateful that we didn’t blow up the water heater the same way….oh, never mind.  Anyway, good God Almighty, hot water at last.  We were able to order the regulator on line.  That was fun too though.  I have a post office box and as we all know, UPS and FedEx can’t deliver to P.O. Boxes.  So just to clarify that it would be mailed, I called the jolly barbeque company which turned out to be in Baton Rouge which turned out to be in mid-monsoon.  The guy says, oh no, we have to have a physical address because we only use UPS.  It costs extra to use the mail.  Fine.  I give them the address and what happens?  IT ARRIVES IN THE MAIL.  I give up.

Next up, the Webcam Story.  Real, serious, fun.  Til next time…….

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