woolgathering part “n”

Yesterday’s big excitement concerned the local donkeys.  Three of them made a break for it and walked about a mile up the road before their humans toddled after them and attached leads to their festive red halters to walk them home.  They were having quite the time, chatting and laughing, and making errant digressions on the way back.   Just one more thistle, please.  One donkey walked back with the lady of the house, the two others were herded by the gentleman, perched on a (matching?) red small offroad four wheeler.  We watched them all go up the hill, taking their small flashing steps, and it seemed pretty clear they were in high spirits and planning to do it again.  Copper, one of the resident horses here, was a bit more glum about the whole thing and seemed to be saying, they didn’t make it! they tried! but they got caught! drat!!!

Today, so far, two white tailed deer stood motionless at the foot of our driveway for about half an hour.  Motionless.  The frog is back, too, and that’s about the extent of the news around here.

It’s cold and dreary today in the enchanted forest, Gentle Reader, low clouds and invisible mountains beyond them.  The oak trees look like something out of a fairy tale with their myriad little branches curling out in the air.  Sometimes it really looks as though they are moving, dancing almost.  It rained last night and the stones which abound here are glittering in the ground like rainbows.  It turns out we have all kinds of agates and jasper and quartz just laying around.  Chalcedony, serpentinite, slates in myriad colors, volcanic rocks and petrified wood, some of it with resin running through.

Meanwhile, the outer world seems to be ever more in uproar.  It is very hard to survive, if we’re honest about it, and the lack of constructive activities across the board leads to a lot of bad things.  Shootings in shopping malls in Tucson because someone didn’t get the help they needed, a young man in Tunisia immolating himself because he simply couldn’t make a living.  Meaningful work is hard to find or see.  I wonder if the corporate interests running the world really are just THAT STUPID- just that stupid to think that it doesn’t matter if people have work to do that sustains them, just that stupid to think it doesn’t matter whether the ocean dies or not.  Just that stupid to think the only thing that matters is them.  It’s pretty scary for this bear, let’s just say.  I heard a politician- a leader in the House-  in an interview saying he knew what “the American people” want, need, this that and the other, concerning health care.  They want what they’ve got right now, in essence, he said.  What I’ve got right now in that regard? Is nothing.  Not terribly desirable.  I didn’t think he’d know what the American people really need, or care, if it hit him in the face. It was infuriating to listen to the glib nothings coming out of the radio.   People need services that work, infrastructure that functions, education, and something to DO.  They need a functioning medium of exchange.  They need leadership that focuses on the common progressive good and not the needs of the few.  They don’t need what they’ve seemingly got, to my mind, which is completely uncontrolled growth at the top.  A cancer that threatens to take our society, our world, our earth, down, in the name of …what? Profit for some, apparently.


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