to the dogs. or, to the mooooon……

Rumi said that when you woke up empty and afraid, you should take down your drum instead of going into the library.  So is blogging the drum or the library?  At present it feels as though I’ve got more Situations surrounding me than Carter EVER had pills.  But we’ll focus on the immediate present in hopes of some temporary relief.

It’s January, Gentle Reader.  Typically January is still Winter.  It snowed here three short weeks ago.  Now? It’s almost 70 in the afternoons and the mosquitoes are out in full force.  Yesterday we had over 25 mph winds which, thankfully, blew the first cadre of mosquitoes away.  We realized that the portable evaporative cooler, which never got put in storage after last summer’s blow out festivities, and I’ve been using as a book stand, is going to be back in service any minute,  so how great is it we didn’t struggle to horse it around outside, seriously.  To think I thought we wouldn’t need it till June.

People actually look at you in all seriousness here and ask if you LIKE THE WEATHER.  Usually it’s when it’s either about 115 degrees or it’s just snowed or frozen or you’ve crawled into wherever it is through freezing fog.  Like the weather?  Talk about something that doesn’t make a rat’s ass bit of difference- that would be whether any puny human has any opinion whatsoever about the weather in these parts.  All you can be sure of is there’s plenty of it and it’s all extreme.  Keeps you on your toes.

Also, dogs.  We have a relatively new neighbor up over the hill, who has a gang of dogs, as does everyone else out here.  Except us.  This guy’s dogs bark, conservatively estimating, about 70% of the time.  They start about sundown and continue until about lunchtime.   This morning in the early dawn light, what should great our wondering ears but the cacophony of canines in hysterics.   The Partner leapt up, got the pistol, went outside and smartly fired off a volley of shots.  Amazingly, the guy made his dogs stop barking.  I’m learning that this is how people communicate out here: Shooting.  We had pulled to the side of the road for an emergency pit stop the other evening and no sooner had we done so than, yes, a smart volley of rifle fire greeted our ears.  So we wouldn’t get any fool ideas about going down that (public) road any further.  Last night someone with a shotgun proved to all within hearing what a bloody godawful shot they were by firing off about seven separate sets of shot.  Broad side of the barn, anyone?  Or, who’s the craziest?


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