Today the internal sanity police have decreed a session of cookie baking is in order.  Chocolate chip/cherry.  But first….

We don’t have tv here, so I’m watching the developments in Egypt online and through listening to NPR.  I hope that the positive aspects of this movement carry the day- on the silliest level? How astonishing would it be for one of the oldest civilizations on earth to be one of the first to shake off the fetters of the past epoch of power, corruption, and greed?  Sometimes I am quite sure that the average person in this country doesn’t give much thought to how so many others in the world live- but there does come a point where things just have to change.  We are there.

Meanwhile the Partner is out rock hunting and whaddaya know? He’s found rocks with not just silver in them but gold too.  Microscopic amounts to be sure but still rather exciting.   The spate of warm weather last week brought all our old friends out too, the small birds and rabbits, new lizards and the talking frogs.  It’s cold again so I am hoping they all manage to stay warm but meanwhile it is wonderful to see them.  The first wildflowers are out :  Buttercups and Queen Anne’s Lace.

The horses next door are running their humans ragged, too.  Their feeding times have changed a bit, to their displeasure.  The result is that starting at about 5 am, there is intense thumping on their empty metal food trough. BOOMBOOMBOOM.  One day an attempt to get them to stop so enraged them that they not only, very quietly, untied the trough from the chicken wire fence, tippy toed it out into the middle of their space, tipped it over, but then? Kicked the living daylights out of it for a smart ten minutes.  This sounded more or less like Armageddon.  The chickens meanwhile are crowing at 2 am, rude ejections of roosters from the coop are seen, and the hens are chest bumping each other.  It must be spring.

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