So, yesterday…..

Bloody awful day, yesterday was, Gentle Reader.    I had a modest plan of making and shipping out some orders.  This was interrupted by an extremely cross tirade from the Partner after his having discovered a mysterious sticky and icky substance oozing out from “my” storage shed.  There are two, you see.  His of course, him being a VIRGO AND ALL, is neat as a pin and mine looks like something out of a James Thurber story.  But I digress.  It turned out that he had put a Large Container of Peanut Oil in a large cooking vessel, in a box.  No doubt he had told me, as he maintained.  However, AIRHEAD THAT I AM, I forgot, in the press of things, and the box got tipped over and….well.  The horror of it all is barely to be described.  Not to mention the hour plus it took me to even begin a rudimentary clean up which I anticipate may never be finished.  Another great part of it was slipping off the gang plank which still is our entry point to the yurt (think War of the Worlds) and going head over heels down a couple of feet to the ground.  While carrying a bucket of hot water and container of soap.  As I plummeted I thought what a good thing it was the Partner had removed the recycling- glass bottles- from that spot.  Always something to be thankful for.  I realized that not only had I fallen from the gang plank, but from my aspiration to not lose my temper over things for which there really is no help.  So we both fumed for several hours.  That was special, I must say.  Then, later on outside, while chatting about the various Rights and Rongs of the whole thing, a squadron of flesh eating insects descended on me and ate my arms off.  I couldn’t roll over in bed anyway because of hurting my back from the swan dive, but the swelling and general cacophony of the bug bites just added that special something.

So, today.  Went to the post office in town to mail out order so as not to be hopelessly off schedule.  On the way back I intended to stop at a garage sale to look for a bookcase- heck, all the other kids do it- except that I couldn’t find the sign going back.  Thankfully, however, I was proceeding slowly and carefully in case the sign was lurking somewhere, which meant that when I suddenly saw a woman bearing down on me going about 45 miles an hour in a 20 mile an hour spot, and moreover, driving on the left side otherwise known as where *I* was, I was able to drive completely OFF THE ROAD PEOPLE and avoid her as she rushed on by.  Late to her hairdresser no doubt.  Then I got home.

Where, we found summer is already here, which means it is creeping already toward the usual one hundred and ninety eight degree mark.  So, we hauled out the swamp cooler, filled it, plugged it in and turned it on.  And it will probably come as no surprise that it leaked enormously, we managed to hoist it over the bath tub to finish emptying having decided that a flood was just simply too much for us right now.  What fun.  Then I got to empty the tub.  We can’t have the plumbing finished, I was Informed yesterday, until I get the front boxes in the yurt out of the way.  Even though they’re no where near the plumbing but what of that? So until I can find a bookcase to put the dishes and glasses in, the boxes won’t get moved and until the boxes get moved there will be No Drains. We went to many, many, er….stores here in the epicenter of garage sale collectible world and of course not one bookcase to be found.  One proprietress helpfully asked me why I didn’t just use my cupboards.   There aren’t any, I said. She more or less hissed and made the sign of the cross.  I’m used to it.

I was talking to a friend in New York today who asked me if things just go from worse to worse here.  Hard to say, I said.  But, pretty much.  Still, I remind myself that building a dwelling from scratch in the essential middle of nowhere entails a lot of stuff which most people manage to, sensibly, avoid.  There are wonderful things about it, to be sure.  Meanwhile a festive call to my Family contained the following exchange:

Them: How did you find yourself there?

Me: Craigslist.

Them: What’s Craigslist?

Me: An online site where people advertise things.  No one would rent to us in the bay area and this was the only option at the time.

Them: Oh.  Well, what makes you so undesirable?

So.  I bid you adieu for the nonce; apparently we are Raking Today so as long as I don’t encounter any snakes…there may be hope.


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