Cows in High Dudgeon

There is a bovine across the road who is clearly Waaaaaay Not Happy today.  We’ve heard irritated moos all morning; I responded and there was a short moo-fest, where the cow vented heartily and I learned nothing. Our across the road/great divide/what have you neighbors raise their own beef cows and this one may have just gotten some inkling of its upcoming destiny.  Although on the whole, the cows around here seem rather calmly in tune with the way of things and exhibit a marked lack of stress or concern, who knows.  I often think about the whole business of eating meat, which means something essentially has to be killed.  Of course, you kill vegetables to eat them too, so it’s a rather large thing to ponder.

Today’s yesterday (there’s a concept) turned out better than yesterday’s yesterday.  A good thing.  Our antique dealing landlord came up with a splendidly eccentric dish hutch so now some unpacking will take place.  Leading perhaps to ….well,drains.  The bugs that ate my arms off turned out to be spiders.  This I discovered by paying attention to my arms which had swelled in large areas, were hot and hurt like the dickens.  I managed to do quite a bit of cleanup outside (the end of all the cardboard! yee haw) which included stuffing all the containers I use for my homemade mead under the yurt, pending future filling.  Finally my arms couldn’t take any more. I looked at them in horror, as the Partner helpfully remarked that it looked like I had tissue damage.  However, herbalist that I am, I crawled over to my essential oils and can report the following.  Lavender oil works, Gentle Reader.  An application of lavender to the affected roaring areas caused an immediate reduction in swelling, the redness turned into white nodule looking things shaped like X’s, which then subsided revealing the trademark two fang bite of the spider.  I’ve decided somewhat reluctantly to review my Spider Approach.  Usually I save them and put them outside when I find them.  NOT ANY MORE.  Wrestling with the implications of that but seriously.  Enough is enough. Now, on with our regularly scheduled program.

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