Thickening Plot

Or, perhaps, curdling.  And, a surfeit of flies for the amount of ointment available. Still, one carries on and as you will see further down, good things do come to those who wait.

So.  Anyway.  I was looking at where people are from who look at my business website, how they reach it, things like that.  Stats to obsess over, right?  One person linked to me from a site that had something like the Pillsbury doughboy in a hard hat on it.  Some are strange looking porn sites.  I get link requests from sites offering “non-invasive cardiac surgery.”  That has got to be pretty darn interesting, don’t you think? But what really amazes me is WHERE everyone is.  I get hits from Glastonbury, Thailand, Paris, Rome, Melbourne, Auckland, Cairo, Isfahan, all kinds of far flung places along with the lovely Russian hackers and mid-Europe browsers and people in New Mexico and Idaho and New York and Wisconsin. I figure its because of the pictures.  Given my ever challenging economic situation, I’m wondering if I should start asking for donations- a good half of the people who look at my site don’t live places I could ship anything to, so you have to wonder.  I’m hoping my photos bring some happiness, anyway.

Which leads me to today’s absolute Trifecta.  It snowed last night and this morning we tottered out, clutching coffee cups in frozen paws, to marvel at the splendor around us.  The sun was shining brilliantly on the surrounding snow covered mountains as well as on our, at that point, snow covered spot.  The sky was blue as blue could be, and the breeze was shaking flakes and clumps of snow off the trees.  It all sparkled like a meteor shower.  I wanted to walk down the road a bit, so we set off.  In a while we came to one of the several places where the creek runs in winter, and we heard the frogs begin singing.  This is an amazing thing to experience.  The first time we ever heard such a thing was while camping about a hundred miles north of here, behind Mt. Shasta, at a lake.  One basso profundo frog usually starts off, then the rest of the frogs in the area come in singly or in small groups and a…it sounds like an actual refrain, gets repeated sort of like singing rounds.  It is breathtakingly beautiful, and on this bright morning with the snow showering into the rippling green waters of the creek it was like a message from another world.  But there was more.  We saw actual bear paw prints.  Actual! Our small neighbor had been padding around apparently in the dawn time, and there they were, exquisite little prints, proof absolute that one of my life long desires has been realized.  I live next to a real bear.  It just blew me away.  Then, after we made our way back, we saw a bald eagle flying above us.  Majestic and playful at the same time, he saw us of course and flew around up and behind to get a better look before continuing on the swooping rounds of probable eagle-equivalent grocery shopping. Anyway we felt like we’d been blessed today, with all the beauty and intelligence surrounding us.  Neither one of us felt like changing the batteries in the camera, so these sights will remain in memory only.   But what a fantastic memory it is!


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