Bad Habits

Aside from a tiny bit of procrastination, manifesting powerfully in this moment as resistance to doing my taxes, a tendency to immediately imagine the Worst Case Scenario looms large in the bad habit jungle.  And really.  What’s the point?  If you can imagine it, it probably won’t happen, because the bad things are always so much more elegantly constructed and comprehensive in their effects and awful than anything one can imagine.  Also, you can always feel badly at the actual time of occurrence.   It’s easy for us to create what we fear, and the wise bear refrains from going down that road as much as possible.  Although, at times, looking around I wonder where all my optimism and perseverance has actually gotten me.  Yesterday it largely deserted me, and things were only brought marginally into balance by the baking of cookies.

It appears for the moment that we are engaged in the Paris Peace Talks regarding the over- and inbred population of, it turns out,  S.E. Asian Red Jungle Fowl next door.  There is a Laotian population in this area, which is probably where the original progenitor came from, along with a rag tag band of hens.  Now, of course, there are about forty hens and a dozen roosters.  It’s like something out of Hieronymus Bosch, with new arrivals every day.  It is not hard to understand how they get confused about when to crow and stuff, given that lots of lights go on next door veryveryvery early (then off, of course, right?), prompting the cacophanous result we are treated to every day.  In any event, discussions ensued and it seems that some (not all- after all.  Why would you just have one rooster when you can have chaos with more?) of these roosters are destined for the flea market.  The weather, naturally, has precluded this event from occurring as of yet.   Also, the chicken coop which is directly adjacent to us, will eventually be moved.

This latter much to be hoped for event made me think, also, about bad habits.  These chickens will have to adjust to a whole new living space and location, and frankly? Chickens are not rocket scientists.  Their habit is to be where they are now, roosting in the trees and whatnot.  So they will probably continue to hang out there.  Which will prompt another long standing habit of someone else to erupt, which is anger.   It becomes a large circle, of course, in ever widening ripples.  All caused, on some level, by another bad habit: inattention.

So all this made me think, and it does seem  that at present we are awash in a veritable sea of bad habits.  Governments have bad habits,the banks have bad habits, and the bad habits of the smallish upper percentages of people in this country who have a disproportionate amount of the money cause things to happen and stimulate the anger habit of others.  It seems like that diagram I saw once, of several fish in line, starting with the smallest to the biggest and you could see that the big one was going to wind up with all the others in his stomach.

At times it seems as though all this is completely nullifying the future.  Other times of course one knows that energy moves and everything changes, all the time.  Not engaging in the bad habit of Worst Case Scenario Thinking allows you to keep moving, however slowly some days.  Paying attention to what, exactly, it is that you are seeing is more important than ever.  Noticing how the build up of actions from all the bad habits affects the body.   I’m thinking about flow,  how we can keep ourselves feeling well, and how we don’t do that.  It seems so easy to let things slide, to not pay attention at times.  But it makes it harder in the end.  Oh, well.  It is indeed one day at a time.

MEANWHILE: Wildlife update: Yellow billed magpies! They are astonishing to look at with their dramatic dark and light coloration.  From the back, as they fly off with elegant long tail feathers and draped wing marks, they look magical.  Myself, I’m always ready for magic.  Now if there were only a wand to apply to these taxes……


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