breaking hearts

The difficulties of daily life can be hugely distracting to say the least.  But- we are, I firmly believe, all one.  So much suffering and pain occurs every moment on this earth, every single place thereon. I like to think that there is power in prayer or whatever one wishes to call that focused attention on something bigger than oneself, founded in love for all.  May all things work for the highest good of all beings, in short.

So today although I feel like weeping for Japan, Libya, the United States, the animals and rocks and water and plants ….there is power in love and hope, and it is more important than ever for us all to remember that, and act accordingly.  Important today especially to send our attention in a good, loving way, out to all.   The actions to be taken will reveal themselves in short order, I am sure but in the interim, keeping our thoughts clear and loving is of huge importance. Thoughts ARE things, and energies can be felt.  So let’s all do what we can to promote healing and harmony, Gentle Reader.  What do you say?


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