Talking Jalapenos

Raising procrastination to entirely new levels, we are.  It’s windy (the usual 24+ mph), rainy, gray, wintry.  I’m hoping it doesn’t freeze, and also regretting that I did not go out yesterday and photograph the shooting stars blooming all around the yurt before flood time ensued again.  Oh, well.  Daylight savings in the spring always puts me into a tailspin: HOW CAN IT BE AN HOUR LATER ALREADY??????? Inherently late to the party, the Partner says, and generally…late, period… I’m institutionally behind.  So much to do and holy cow it’s past lunchtime.

Descartes thought, and assumed he WAS.  I realized yesterday that for me, it is I cook, therefore I am.  I’ve cooked my way through the hideous ups, downs and sideways’es of this experience and it does always manage to get me back in my body and calmed down.  Yesterday for example.  I had a carton of jalapenos which I was  holding and staring at.  Just wondering. Doing the de rigeur deep breathing about the bag o’ taxes.  Suddenly it was as though the chilis spoke as one and said: Hey! Roast us! make a sauce! with ground up nuts and maybe a little cream. Your basic traditional Mexican, Spanish influenced, sauce, probably of Aztec origin.  The sauce did come out, if I say so myself, splendidly, and enrobed some humble turkey meatballs very nicely indeed.   That was the high point, the meatballs.

Meanwhile, the Paris Peace Talks have turned into something more like dealing with Hezbollah about the Lebanese government.  Not, in short, going well.  The myriad jungle fowl are still loud and on the prowl.  How they haven’t frozen or drowned is beyond me. Meantime, instead of having been taken to the market and sold yesterday,  last night we saw our landlady out wandering in the yard waving something blue over the flock around that looked like it belonged with a swimming pool. I decided not to think about it, but really.  Perhaps it was the Blessing of the Fowl.  They do appear to be firmly rooted in place and not going anywhere which was not good news and indeed, directly contravened what I had been assured of as rock solid fact-to-be.  But, in life, as I have had  numerous occasions to absorb, Troublesome Things do not just go away, and apparently people do not just automatically tell the truth about such things.  It’s hard to wrap one’s head around all this on top of everything else, which is probably why I’m sitting here instead of bustling around Getting Things Done.


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