I Know I Left It Here Somewhere

Boy o boy.  It’s almost 90 degrees here today, Gentle Reader.  Last week at this time…hmmmm…..it was flooded and 50 mile an hour winds and, oh, torrential rain.  Cold, with a frost at night.  So, it’s exciting.  The Partner is especially crabby in hot weather so next week is going to be subsumed by Installing Insulation.  There may be pictures, as He has had, I think, an especially brilliant idea.  No doubt there will be a modicum of swearing, as there so often is.

I actually did start this post, completely differently, but then? The Special Satellite Internet did its’  wavery keystroke drop and whammo, all gone.  It’s exciting, also.  I think we may say this place is FILLED with excitement, without fear of contradiction.

Meanwhile, it was just my birthday.  A superhero friend came up to spend it with me, which provoked a flurry of box moving, tears, floor scrubbing and  laying down of rugs.  The rug was pretty exciting.  We’d bought it during the festivities last year, Partner saw it in an antique place, I looked at it a bit, said, great, paid for it, then it has lain fallow, as it were, folded up on boxes.  So when we unfolded it it was a complete surprise.  At first I thought it was an Afghan bomb rug, but investigation produced the even more amazing information that the pattern is actually older, more traditional, birds, plants, and bats.  Yes, bats.  A tribal Kurdish kilim.   So that was wonderful.

The cake turned out well, too.  This is a cake my mother made up for me, and quite the endeavor all these years to make myself because it is a very light, fluffy, lemony cake, with a thick vanilla custard filling and an unctuous, heavy, chocolate frosting.  (Think Eagle Brand.)  It actually held together spectacularly well and disappeared almost immediately.  A whole cake!  There were other things, too, of course.  Marinating a whole chicken in yogurt, chilis, garlic, cumin and saffron turned out to be a workable way to produce a great roast chicken with a minimum of fuss.

The big thing, though, was once again seeing how much I have to be happy,  grateful,  and excited about.  This past year has not been The Most Fun.  Not even.  And of course, things go sideways apace.  Nonetheless, this spot in the universe is full of beauty and knowledge and I’m happy to be here attempting as always to do my best.  With, it is safe to say, Variegated Results.  That could be the name of a vegetable….

Which leads us to the most exciting news of the day: BABY DONKEYS.  You may recall a previous episode in which a passel of donkeys escaped?  I guess that was their last gasp of freedom, a shopping trip par excellence, because today when we drove by their spot, out standing with them were two velvety, astounding, adorable, beautiful baby donkeys.  One black, one sort of taupe.  The ears! The legs! Velvet! and they were shy, too.  We stopped to wave at them, the adults wiggled their ears back at us  and smiled since they know us, and the babies looked at us with those amazing star struck eyes baby animals have.  Then they ducked in a tentative sort of way, both of them, behind their mothers…and then, peeked out at us from behind the gently swishing tails.  That, and the Farewell to Springs are blooming.  Already? Jeesh.

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