Enough is Enough

Today’s perusal of the news finally pushed me completely over the edge.  And, toward the dictionary where I looked up the word TREASON.  An interesting word indeed.  The definition begins with:

“Treason:  The betrayal of any trust of confidence; breach of faith.  The offense of attepting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state in which the offender owes allegiance…..”

INTERESTINGLY and perhaps as usual?  The United States has its’ own definition of treason, which is:

“defined by the Constitution (Art. III, sec. 3) to consist ‘only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving aid and comfort to them….”

So, OK.  Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, John Boehner and all your teabag cohorts: I’m looking at you.  With my mouth open in stupefaction.   Even, I believe, under the quite narrow confines of what treason is in these here United States, I think you and your cohort are, and have continuously been,  committing treasonous acts.  You are levying war against the citizens of your own country.  You are aiding the enemies of the world by fomenting environmental destruction, ignorance through poor education, and poverty.  You want to remove all environmental protection.  You want any nutjob who decides to (and they can anyway, just illegally) buy as many weapons of any sort as they wish.  And, if a Montana “lawmaker” gets his way, that person can then drive around with them, drunk.  Your rigid little agenda that stems completely from fear although you blow it up to egoic proportions (a la Leonardo da Vinci’s conception of a large bellows to be used to fill up a room when there was someone in it you wanted to go away) (sweet!) which you no doubt think are heroic- that little agenda wants no ability for any woman to control her own body and reproductive life.  You want to abolish what little culture this country still has- who needs actual information and art?   You’ll cut funding for education while granting monies to corporate interests to build more and more prisons.  The rich? That one one thousandth of one percent who control forty percent of the money in this country?  They don’t have to pay anytthing close to their fair share.  After all, they’re creating jobs, aren’t they?  We’re just not sure where because they certainly are not in the United States, which, last time I looked, was your country of residence.  And, in an ultimate gesture of perfidy, you’re willing to make the lives of the families of the troops who are out risking their lives and minds (which? when they come back? YOU are not willing to pay for proper rehabilitation of the minds and bodies shattered in your greedy game)  in a benighted, godforsaken, and largely wrongheaded campaign even more difficult by withholding services and pay while the government shuts down.  While the Government of the United States shuts down because you want your fear, paranoia, greed and let’s just say it: STUPIDITY to run the world and win the day.  While the rivers are full of poison and the ocean contains plutonium and floating oil waste- from all those “safe”, if undisclosed,  things you allow the corporate world to do to make money.  Oh, and the last little thing:  The House of Representatives voted on a bill that would allow them to pass laws without any involvement whatsoever of the Senate or the President.  Treason, maybe?  Overthrow of the government, which was established with precisely this tripartite mechanism to avoid precisely what we seem to be heading toward at breakneck speed?  Hubris.

I was going to quote a part of the great column Will Durst wrote, PITCHFORKS AND RAINBOWS.   He wrote amusingly of this trainwreck but today? I just don’t think it’s funny.  Not one bit.  It is a great piece however, and worth looking up.

Then, I was thinking of what a friend said to me.  She said she was impressed that I had made a conscious choice when we made this move.  It didn’t feel much like it at the time, having been expelled from our living space so that someone who already had a lot of money could have more through tax breaks.  But on some level, it was.  We both, the Partner and I, decided that it was critical for us to walk the talk.  Live simply so that others can simply live.  We are now largely off the grid, don’t have  electronics aside from this laptop from which we run the Empire.  We’re not tossing batteries and used equipment around.  We share one fuel efficient car.  We take responsibility for our own actions and try to make the world around us a better place.  We don’t shop at Walmart, don’t produce trash that cannot either be composted or recycled.   It isn’t easy at all.  I think we must all be prepared to make sacrifices for the common good; the common good is not what these individuals, referred to as “lawmakers” have in mind.  What they have in mind is THEIR perceived good, only.  And short sighted it is, that good.

All this is really hard for me to take in, especially how furious and dismayed and powerless I feel about watching the life I used to know completely disappear.  That life involved jobs, and services that worked, some mutual societal respect and not a total dedication of this country’s efforts to the maintenance of the hegemony of the rich.   Things were far from perfect fifteen years ago, true.  But they were not at this state.  My work is about helping people, about being of service.  It makes me feel pretty uncomfortable,then, to feel so negatively about people and especially people who are supposed to be representing all of us for the greater good, but they are doing things that I consider, really, to be truly sinful.   I can only think that history will once again  show that pride does indeed come before a fall, and hubris never succeeds in the end.  In the meantime, Lenin asked “what is to be done?”.  His ideas had some merit but as usual the execution left a WHOLE lot to be desired.  I believe we all need to wake up, look at what is to be done before us, and get to it.  That means protecting the environment, educating the children, feeding the hungry, cooperating for the good of ALL.  Everywhere.   Tell these “lawmakers” who want to destroy what remains of this country that they don’t get to do that.  If they want to work for the betterment of all, fine.  If not, they have to go.    And what the heck.  Take Glen Beck with you, OK?

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