Another Day, Another Bullet

I’m still mad, but not hyperventilating.  Just in case you were wondering.  I deliberately did not read about the upcoming proposed cuts for the next year’s budget to services for the elderly and poor.  No, I did not.  Yet.

Instead? The peace and quiet of a nice Sunday morning was shattered by what sounded like helicopters.  It turned out to be two Probable Idiots riding motocross cycles up and down the road, revving the engines.  Back and forth, back and forth.  The Partner looked through his binoculars, saw that they both had rifles slung over their backs, and that they at last took off as stealthily as they could given the amount of frigging noise they were making, onto our landlady’s clearly marked NO TRESPASSING property.  Up to absolutely no good.  Arrogantly breaking the law.  And? as well, threatening the lives of the many people who live up here, mostly in un-reinforced dwellings which could be easily penetrated by a careless bullet.  These guys looked pretty careless.

You have to ask yourself what would make someone think it was just OK for them to do that. That it was OK to trespass because they wanted to go kill something.  Which, if they did, they would probably have left in place because unless it was a squirrel they didn’t have the wherewithal to get it out. Maybe they were after coyotes (worse and more of it- who d’you think keeps the gophers under control, dummy? all the holes in the road from their little tunnels turn into universe bridging chasms over the course of a summer)- but then again, ten in the morning is not prime hunting time.  The chance of shooting a person by mistake is high.  So really, why?  Well, for one thing, who’s to catch them? It would take forever for any law enforcement to get up here if they even bothered.     In any event, The Partner took off on the run with his .22 mag…. stick….and,  with a well placed and oriented shot across the bow chased them out of their proposed trespassing trip.  Our across the road a piece neighbor was curious and asked about the gunfire when we saw him a little later.  He was happy that The Partner had been on the job so to speak.   It’s rough enough up here without a bunch of yo yos who don’t live here coming in trespassing and shooting, was his opinion.  My goodness.  We had to assure him they were gone to keep him from dashing after them himself.   He never leaves home without his rifle.

I’m intermittently wondering how I came to find myself in such an overtly trigger happy place. As someone who is really constitutionally incapable of hurting ANYTHING- some improvement in fly swatting and lethal spider dispensation notwithstanding.   Still, I remind myself it’s better than living above Richmond, California as I used to, where magnums and such like are used regularly with rather flagrant abandon.  A guy even pulled one on me once on the freeway.  And once in Oakland standing in line waiting for a movie.  My goodness.  Perhaps there really isn’t much difference.

Meanwhile, the incredibly stout hummingbird from last summer who has apparently lived here all winter in true superhero fashion, and whom we have named Tyrant, buzzed around in his special flyboy way, letting me know the feeder needed refreshing.  It’s good to keep things in balance, whenever possible.


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