Time Out For Skinks

Lizards, when they encounter each other around here, do what look like little pushups while facing each other.  They can do this for a long time; sometimes I’ve noticed they just keep it up til they get tired of it, then either rest in the sun together quietly or saunter off.  This week something really funny happened: An electric blue tailed baby skink RACED in between two lizards doing these pushups, and they both stopped, mid pushup, and looked at each other as if to say, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT????????

In another reptilian adventure, we discovered we have gopher snakes living beneath the storage sheds.  Research defined the type of snake and also provided the so, so comforting information that these are Especially Long Snakes (“can easily be seven feet long”, and “offspring are very long”.  Great.)  We found this because a long, patterned thing undulated out into the grass, startling the daylights out of the Partner. And, apparently out of the snake as well, since it beat an incredibly hasty retreat back under the shed.  Not, however, to be deterred, both snake and Partner returned to somewhat the same place a few minutes later and found? Each other.   It was really a moment of:  I THOUGHT I saw a puddy tat on both parts, man and snake.  In any event, the snake allowed itself to be petted, admired and saluted, and went back home.  The Partner is, apparently, irresistible.


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